News On The Battle To Quit Smoking

We have seen a big boom in smoking cessation products over the last few years. There has been the patches of course, prescriptions and the controversy that surrounded the e-cigarettes that are now on the market. While smoking a person has less energy, a more negative outlook on life and are less happy with themselves as they would be other wise. Being in a lower frame of mine we could be more apt to eat and drink things that aren’t good for us. On the other hand, after quitting a person feels more energetic, more apt to get out and get more accomplished and are less apt to eat and drinks things that aren’t good for us. Read more

Top 10 Ways to Reduce Stress

These days, we find most people living in stress due to some or the other reason. If you happen to be in a stressful mind state then taking a wrong approach would only add more tension nothing else.

However, there are plenty of ways though which you can relax yourself and overcome stress: Read more

Life After Smoking!

Life After Smoking!

Every organ in your body will suffer from the effects of inhaling the poisonous toxins every cigarette holds inside. It is not easy to quit smoking, but it can be done. There are a variety of little helpers on the market which can assist in controlling the initial cravings to light up! Read more

Praise Your Children

Children are the determinants of the future. As much as bringing up a child in the right way is quite challenging, below are some tips that you for sure know, but sometimes forget to apply. In addition to care, education and given knowledge of virtues and good practices, motivation is also one of the most important factors that determine the child’s behavior, self-confidence, personality and self-esteem.  Read more

A Clean Home is a Healthy Home

Have you ever been in a home, and it is so dirty, so cluttery, and the addition of a funny smell just makes your whole experience negative? Well, I have been in homes exactly like that, and I could barely function. I used to nanny for a family, and the environment they lived in was not that of a clean one. When food fell from the baby’s high chair, they would just leave it on the floor. The kitchen was cluttered, the whole house was just an unhealthy place to be in (for me, and probably for the family who lived there). After making the children’s meals, I had to clean the dishes that I used of course, but I was unable to even get the pan or pot in the sink because there were already so many dishes in it. It was really hard, and I couldn’t clean up the dishes that were already in the sink because I had to watch the children, and I was not paid to be their housekeeper. I didn’t want to uncover disgusting mysteries in the mess, and that is partly why I didn’t clean up their mess too. Read more

Breathe Easier with a Neti Pot

Sinus pain, allergies, and post-nasal drip are problematic for many people. These conditions can create headaches, dizziness, and can even lead to infections. A neti pot can often treat these conditions, because it cleans out the nasal passages and remove excess debris and mucus. Neti pots have been used to treat sinus and allergy problems in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, and are gaining popularity in the west. Though the procedure may seem complicated at first, once you become familiar with it, using a neti pot becomes easy and routine. Read more

What is the Formula for Genuine Happiness?

It will probably take a lot of experience to master the art of forgiving, letting go and moving on. I had my fair share of experiences before I got to where I am now.

Not everything is perfect; not everything is successful. In this journey we call life, we’ll never be fully happy if always try to win. The first time I experienced a severe kind of pain from failure, I had no idea what to do. I was not ready to let go of the things I was passionate about. But the moment I passed through the dark tunnel of sorrow, everything suddenly became superb and more genuine. Appreciating what life can give you is one of the first steps to happiness. In order to have a full realization of acceptance, you need to learn the value of gratitude first.

Let me share with you a brilliant formula which I have learned from years of experience. If you add all these up, you may experience genuine happiness. Read more

Feng Shui Tips for Your Health and Well-Being

Have you ever felt that the atmosphere in your home simply bothers you? According to the ancient Chinese art, Feng Shui, everything around us influences out health and everyday improvement. If you have planned to enhance you living or working place using Feng Shui, you should definitely start with Feng Shui for Health. It entails various effective suggestions about the organization and decoration of your environment, ranging from colors to the position of the furniture. The basic goal of this ancient skill is to increase the flow of positive energy in your surroundings, making it perfect for your well-being. Read more

Owning a Pet Improves Your Health

There are many reasons why it is good to get a pet, but one of the most prominent reasons is that they greatly influence our overall health. Pets can help us deal with almost anything going on in our lives, and they do so without asking for anything in return; except for a bit of attention and love. Read more

A Long List on How to Hold that Anger

I was in my teenage years when I realized that I developed a lot of hatred to almost everyone around me. I thought that by hating, I will automatically magnetize people to come and rescue me from all my hatred and fears. I value the people around me, but my doubts brought me closer to just hate and see who will stick with me. In the course of my adolescence, I was just a lost and curious sheep; waiting to be saved. Read more