Living Easier With an Autoimmune Diseases

When diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, you may wonder whether you can continue to live a normal lifestyle. While you will go through ups and downs, there are some steps you can take to live a fulfilling life and keep stress levels to a minimum. Here are some tips to help you make your life easier when dealing with an autoimmune disease. Read more

Plan Your Weight Loss Program

Dieting along with exercising is an essential part of any weight loss program. But engaging in impromptu diets and sporadic workouts will never help. Our body mainly responds to gradual variations and slowly builds itself to adapt to the challenges you put on it. So proper organized planning on dieting and exercising is necessary. Read more

6 Ways to Tune Up Your Body

Losing weight and maintaining your shape is a common fear for both men and women alike in this day and age. A lot of people have become health conscious because of the situation around them. They see that not eating healthy could make their body weight spiral out of control. But fear not! Here are a few simple tips to maintain your body weight and to stay healthy. Read more

5 Steps to a Beautiful Yoga Practice

Yoga is one of those exercises that people generally assume to be floofy and unstrenuous on the body. And those people are wrong. To the untrained eye, the various poses are far from the feats of agility and strength they truly are. However, no matter the level of practice, yoga can get stale and become boring. With a few minor additions, though, your yoga practice can be revitalized into something far more beautiful. Read more

Maintaining a Skinny Figure: is it always the Key to a Healthy Life?

The dimensions of defining health and fitness have largely been viewed in terms of maintaining a skinny figure. Recently, this situation has given rise to many confusions and disputes with the growing preoccupation for maintaining a skinny figure irrespective of one’s age. Whether this obsession is the only means of leading a healthy life is a fact worthy of studying. Read more

GMO or “GM-NO”

Genetically modified organisms (GMO) are bio-engineered group of plants and microorganisms. GMO goal is to aid scientific research in increasing productivity. Currently, there are GMO products all around the market. GMO offers significant benefits to the producers, in terms of cost, but can be a death toll for the consumers. Read more

Turn Your Life on 360 Degrees With These Healthy Tips

When your busy schedule starts pressuring you into compromising your diet and turning it into a wild, high-calorie feast, things have gotten out of control. Meals built upon fat-stuffed snacks and vanilla-flavoured coffee are not a healthy choice no matter if you are acouch potato or an avid athlete. Read more

Staying in Shape and Feeling Gorgeous

Whether it is about increasing your life span or just looking good in your old pair of jeans, health and fitness are crucial at all times. One could easily understand that they are in good shape when they could perform a task with reasonable efficiency. Like many others have stated before me, physical fitness comes from healthy nutrition and regular physical exercises. Read more

The Importance of Maintaining Great Eye Health

Not many people focus on their eye health, unless they lose it. It’s the sad and honest truth about our health focus. Breathing happy means being able to see as well. We often forget to focus on our eyes when taking care of our overall health, but eye health is an important part of maintaining good quality of life in the long term. Read more

How to Get Rid of a Sore Throat Fast

Of all the sore throat remedies I’ve tried, and with two kids the list is quite long, nothing comes close to the power of common sage herb. Although mainly used in cooking (turkey stuffing, pasta sauces etc.) this originally Mediterranean plant is getting more and more appreciated in the world for its incredible healing properties. Read more