Calm Before the Storm: Launching a New Life

As I sit on the threshold of my inherent new beginning, I am poised for the magnitude of the opposition that I am facing and have faced time and time again. However, what is so clearly different this time around, is my personal projection of my own sense of failures down through the years. These failures are directly attributed to my lack of confidence in part, and unfortunately, an idle admission of my own low self- esteem as well. Read more

You Can Choose Your Mood

Every morning we scramble out of bed, reaching for the coffee to get us moving and out into the world. Most do not realize that another very important even is happening in this moment. You are deciding what kind of day you are going to have.  Read more

New Year’s Resolution: A Better Me, a Better Family

Since the New Year always brings on resolution and lists of things we want to be better at, I have been thinking a lot about what I would like to do differently in 2014. I want to make it a better year for and my family and I than 2013 was. Read more

5 Tips for Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions

According to a study done by the University of Scranton nearly 45% of Americans set New Year’s Resolutions every year but only 8% actually succeed. There is no reason you can’t achieve your goals. These 5 ideas will help you get started on your new year. Read more

Ditch the Resolutions and Embrace Positive Changes

I don’t know how the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions began, but I know how it will end. It will end sometime in January when millions of people stumble from their firm resolutions and fade back into the behavior they sought to change. By February, those well-intentioned resolutions will be but a guilty memory, and the new exercise equipment purchased in anticipation of the fulfillment of the resolutions merely a convenient clothes rack cluttering up the bedroom. Read more

Boost Your Mood While Brightening the Holidays for Someone in Need

If you need to cheer yourself up this holiday season, don’t rush out to the mall to buy a new trinket. Don’t overeat, or reach for alcohol, tobacco or whatever else you used to turn to for comfort. Instead, comfort others. It’s the surest ticket to uplifting your mood. This Christmas, remember the forgotten at Christmas, and feel your spirits soar. Read more

Discipline, Parenthood, and Martial Arts

We homeschool our children, and have recently enrolled them in the School of Tomorrow program here in the Philippines. But apart from that program my wife and I endeavor to teach them something that we may need to relearn ourselves: discipline. Right off the bat, I can say that my self-discipline is not so good.  Read more