Get Rid Of Clutter and Let Go

First rule of Feng Shui is to get your home clean and clutter-free. Even if you do not believe in the ancient Eastern philosophical system for putting order in your life and acquire all your desires, this one rule is psychologically approved too. Piles of clutter around the house, old items, which you don’t throw away, and all those times you got late for work just because you couldn’t find your favourite lipstick, or tie. Read more

Clear Your Mind With Meditation

In our busy day-to-day lives it is easy to forget how important it is to stop and enjoy the moment.  Many of us are conditioned to overwork which leads to stress, a bounty of health issues and sometimes even death!  Although it can be a difficult concept to embrace, the action of staying idle and doing nothing may solve a plethora of life’s problems.   Read more

Embracing Happiness

There is no magic formula for happiness but there are a number of habits that many happy people share. These are not things that you can buy but they are simple life changes that anyone can start practicing in their daily life that have a big impact. Read more

My Phone is More Important than You!

You and your best friend don’t spend much time together since life started changing—college, marriage, and more. It’s a beautiful day and you’re both sitting at your favorite restaurant. The food is served and you’re ready to dig in. Steak, yummy! You make a joke about something and your friend laughs at the exact moment. At first you think she’s laughing at what you said but you realized the timing was too soon. Read more

Travelling’s Positive Impact on Health

When most people think about vacations, they simply think about time spent away from work and the hustle and bustle of their daily routine. Many do not realize that traveling, especially abroad, can be beneficial to their overall health. Yes, your physical and mental health can be rejuvenated and even increased, simply through travel. Read more

Stay Motivated!

Motivation is a psychological feature that makes a person do work to reach a desired goal and similarly controls the behaviours towards it. A person is motivated by the desire to achieve something and it is said that the key to successfully accomplish a goal is to be motivated and determined. We come across so many tasks in life which we don’t like to complete. Yet we find stimulus to complete it. Read more

How to Make Volunteering a Way of Life

Today, 5th of December, the global community marks the International Volunteer Day (IVD). But, as is the spirit of volunteerism, the IVD does not only celebrate the efforts of those who selflessly help others and the impact their actions have on their communities, it strives to guide others and to promote participation in volunteering as well. So the best way to join this celebration of helping others is by actually helping others. Read more