How to Master Yourself

Thinking and seeing what the best way, to master ourselves, is we have to think and see, the “perfect us”. We know that each of us are a unique being, the actualization of ourselves can manifest us like a master, the perfect in each one of us. The people that already mastered their ego to a degree, that their minds act like their servant, giving them the power to be their own divine potential. Read more

Addiction: Understanding a Complex Disease

Addiction is a chronic, progressive, incurable, and often fatal disease. While addiction can manifest itself in any human being with a functional brain, certain factors can increase a person’s likelihood of becoming an addict. Addiction is insidious, as it distorts the reasoning abilities of the addict. Read more

Embracing My Tears

The days where you try so hard to keep your emotions and feelings in check; the heart aches and you feel tears welling up. I hate those days. I’m having one of those days, right now, this very minute and at this very second. Read more

Loving Yourself: Get Started

We are looking for approval in everything we do, and all too often, we’re seeking it from other people. It can be our mother, father, husband, friends, and even co-workers. But we do this without even wondering– why do we need others approval in the first place? Read more

Working Myself out of Body Shame

Body shame. It’s something that I have struggled with for many years with as a child, teenager, and adult. It’s something that occurred even before I developed an eating disorder and it’s something that I still battle. Read more

Therapeutic Advantages of Journaling

Coping with anxiety, depression, bereavement, post-traumatic stress, and other difficult situations or mental health disorders are difficult to say the least. They can shake you right down to the core of your being and leave you feeling like an empty shell. Read more

5 Tips to Becoming an Organized Person

In our busy day to day lives, we could say that the hours in a day are not enough to attend to everything we need to do. The harsh reality is that a lot of times, this is true. Thus, we start lagging behind on work, errands, chores, and other things. Read more

5 Ways to Achieve Your Goals

As the final strains of Auld Lang Syne, fade our thoughts turn to the New Year and all the resolutions we are so determined to keep, just like last year’s which were a distant memory by the end of February! Read more