Superfoods and Nutrition: Quit in 14 Days?

Forget nicotine substitutes, cold turkey, e-cigarettes, acupuncture, hypnosis and all the other quitting methods you've probably already tried. Apparently, it's all about your diet! At least, that's what a recent piece of research claims. Previously dismissed ideas about nutrition and natural, herbal remedies as an effective aid to quitting have been resurrected, and are apparently now the way to go, according to a new downloadable program called 14AndOut, which claims to be able to get you off cigarettes for good in just fourteen days.

So, what exactly is the deal here? The key to quitting for good is a combination of behaviour modification (already discussed to death I know but bear with me here) and two little known superfoods: Maca and Mucana. These are both available as food supplements and are stocked by most good health food stores, athough you can also get them online.


Maca is grown in the high Andes Mountains in Peru. It's full of proteins, complex alkaloids and tannins and is available in powdered form. The best way to add Muca to the diet is by mixing the powder into a nutritious smoothie.


Mucuna is an Indian herb also known as velvet bean or buffalo bean. The plant's pods are ground up into a powder and put into capsules. The herb is an adaptogen which has an effect on dopamine levels in the body.  It helps to balance out craving induced mood swings, reduce withdrawal symptoms and provide a general sense of joi de vivre similar to that gained from a nicotine hit.

Researchers claim that you can quit smoking for good in just fourteen days by 'alkalizing' your body. A typical Western diet can cause metabolic acidosis. This means that the mechanism which regulates and controls acidity in the blood, body fluids, and tissues fails, and that it's this which predisposes many of us to Diabetes and other nasty conditions like Osteoporosis, kidney stones, and other kidney problems. Combine this with the well-documented effects of smoking, and you've got a recipe for poor health.

The simplest way of alkalizing is to reduce the amount of milk, gluten, saturated fat, refined sugar and meat, especially red meat, in your diet. Increase your intake of fruit and vegetables, (preferably organic), and drink only spring or mineral water.

This change in nutrition combined with the effects of the herbal supplements, superfoods and the tips and information contained in the sixty minute video program are all you need to quit smoking, for good, in fourteen days, allegedly.

But does it work and is it $39 well spent? Well, the testimonials would have you believe so. Watch them for yourself.



*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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