6 Tips for Staying Healthy & Happy This Winter

Winter is a lovely season but can throw us through a loop in terms of mental and physical health. Dreary days can be downright depressing, the cold tempts us to stay indoors and illness runs rampant. If you wish to truly enjoy this beautiful season, keep these tips in mind! Read more

6 Ways to Fight the Winter Blues

Winter if finally here, and anybody who lives in a climate that produces winter-like settings, knows that the colder temperatures, increased illness, and shorter days can really take a toll on a person. All of this can sometimes lead to feeling tired, worn out, stressed, and sometimes, even depressed. Here are a few ideas to help fight off the winter blues. Read more

5 Ways to Embrace Old Man Winter

Each and every October I feel the same mixed emotions. I love autumn. The beautiful colors, the comfortable temperatures.. even the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks! Behind that happiness though, the dark looming of the winter that will soon follow puts a chilly damper on my festive fall season. This year, I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf and embrace the cold for a happier me this winter season. Here are some ways that you can cozy up to Old Man Winter this year! Read more

Healthy Foods to Fight the Winter Blues

When the days get shorter and you’re stuck inside, it is easy to get winter blues. If you are feeling bored, don’t escape in unhealthy foods. Below are healthy foods you should reach for instead. Read more

7 Tips to Keep Your Hair and Skin Healthy and Beautiful This Winter

Winter is a period of lovely snow and dry air. We all love the cool winds and the dry air; however winter creates havoc on the skin and hair. Winds, dry air and low temperature create rough skin and dry itchy hair which are difficult to maintain. You will find the answer to all your problems in your kitchen cupboard which has most of the ingredients to keep your hair and skin healthy throughout the winter. Let us see some of the tips to keep the hair and skin healthy during winter. Read more

How to Prepare Your Body for Winter

The coldest time of the year is slowly knocking on our door. The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are getting lower. This means that now is the best time to prepare and strengthen the body for the upcoming winter with some advice from experts. Read more