5 Reasons You Should Quit Smoking, and Choosing 1

Enjoy Life and Breathe Happy

In quitting smoking, as in breaking any addiction, sustained motivation is key. There are many different reasons why people attempt to quit smoking. By identifying which is the most important reason for you personally, you will have a clearer vision of exactly why you want to be smoke-free, and that vision can help sustain you when that one more cigarette looks so inviting. Here are 5 of the most common reasons cited for deciding to quit smoking. Read more

News On The Battle To Quit Smoking

We have seen a big boom in smoking cessation products over the last few years. There has been the patches of course, prescriptions and the controversy that surrounded the e-cigarettes that are now on the market. While smoking a person has less energy, a more negative outlook on life and are less happy with themselves as they would be other wise. Being in a lower frame of mine we could be more apt to eat and drink things that aren’t good for us. On the other hand, after quitting a person feels more energetic, more apt to get out and get more accomplished and are less apt to eat and drinks things that aren’t good for us. Read more

The Many Reasons to Quit Smoking

I successfully gave up smoking several years ago now, and like most other former smokers, I just wish I had stopped sooner. It is not just because of all the health problems it causes and what a thoroughly anti-social habit it is (that was a major reason for me to quit),  but other factors applied as well. I am a vegan, and I discovered fairly recently that cigarettes very often contain animal products (besides the tobacco, and a great host of other harmful substances. If you ever wonder what goes into a cigarette, you may as well ask what doesn’t go into them!) Read more