News On The Battle To Quit Smoking


We have seen a big boom in smoking cessation products over the last few years. There has been the patches of course, prescriptions and the controversy that surrounded the e-cigarettes that are now on the market. While smoking a person has less energy, a more negative outlook on life and are less happy with themselves as they would be other wise. Being in a lower frame of mine we could be more apt to eat and drink things that aren’t good for us. On the other hand, after quitting a person feels more energetic, more apt to get out and get more accomplished and are less apt to eat and drinks things that aren’t good for us.

Some new products on the market seem to be doing a lot toward cutting down on smoking and even completely stopping this habit.

By quitting smoking a person can save over $2500 a year. What could you do with that amount in your savings account? You could take a vacation or do some much needed repairs or updates on your home.

The first thing when you do when you start thinking about quitting is to make excuses why you can’t. Most people have certain times of the day that they feel they need a cigarette. How do you battle this? Finding something else to make a habit at that time is your best bet. It will take you a couple of weeks usually to really get into a new habit but if you are doing that instead of smoking a cigarette you are smoking one less a day.

Your next excuse might be that you would gain weight. It is normal to gain 5-10 pounds after stopping but by introducing some more healthy items into your diet and becoming a little more active, since you have quit and have more energy, this will you get any extra weight you might gain off in a short amount of time.

Certain diseases such as heart disease, diabetes or high blood pressure may run in families. This has to do with genes ,environment, and lifestyles but smoking only aggravates these and can make them worse.

In Conclusion

If you are seriously thinking of stopping this habit do your homework. Speak to your regular medical provider for ideas on products that might be right for you. Checking to see what your options are and then choosing a variety is a good idea. Finding other things to fill those times when you usually have a cigarette can mean you are smoking less and that is a good thing and the first step to stopping completely.

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