A little bit of compassion will go a long way. Just like the steps we all take to break our addictions, whatever they may be.  I am a super procrastinator and also a complainer. It does not matter what they are, because all bad habits hurt. That’s why they are called bad habits!

So this is how compassion can help: you can get through the ups and downs of life better. Choose to see and speak through the heart rather than through your raw emotions. I have seen the difference on my children. I can point out weaknesses and even errors of judgment and be more effective in a calm loving way, whereas the same content (if shouted or uttered in a nagging tone) has a completely destructive effect. I surprised myself the other day. I pointed out a misstep, but in  a kinder way than usual, and I immediately saw the positive outcome on that same day.

The educator had just educated herself! But I heard it takes a good three months to instill a good habit, so I will keep at it. We can be rough with one another so often and so unnecessarily. Then, when we look back, we do not understand why we allowed life, ego and some nonsense to push our buttons.

If we took the time during the day to ask ourselves “What’s really important to me. My family? My life? The protection of the environment? the earth’s sustainability? Me living happy when I  become much older?”, would not allow so much wastefulness and unhappiness to enter our homes and communities.

I will share one of my most recent concerns: the sustainability of the parent-child relationship. With all these complaints about life that we have as parents, do we realize the impact it has on our children? After all, it is the way we live our lives that gives our children hope and  the desire to be happy.

The economy is a big factor. But in addition to our education or degrees, social political events, IT REALLY boils down to parents’ attitude and responses to life. If we are resilient, our children in turn, will become resilient. So think about the affect you have on those who love you, and look up to you and depend on you. Your level of compassion will rise, and your struggles with life via your bad habits will melt away more easily. Through love, compassion, and tolerance. My kids have made me that resilient person.

Practice makes perfect!

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