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Balancing Your Chakras


What do you think when you hear the term 'chakra'? Chakras refers to your seven primary energy centers that vertically run along the torso of your body. Basically, chakras are portals where energy and light flow in and out. Overall, their main function is to revitalize your physical body and to enable your 'higher' self to evolve. (more…)

Growing Up…Again


Do you remember that moment at the end of high school, when you knew that you were all grown up? You were ready to take on the world. You were ready for whatever life threw at you because you felt like “you’d been through it all.” High school was your transition into adulthood. Your parents underestimated you and your experiences, and your friends didn’t have it as hard as you did. You were definitely as mature as you’d ever be. You were fully an adult, right? (more…)

The Best (And Worst) Foods for Dental Health


The best way to have great teeth is to eat healthy foods, brush your teeth and floss regularly. But are some foods better for your teeth than others? And which foods are bad for your dental health? The answers may surprise you. (more…)

Redirecting Your Life


There is a place that we have to reach when we know within us that it is time to stop a bad habit. It may be smoking, eating, drugs, or gambling. We get down to that area in our lives where it comes screaming home to us. To recover we have to choose it for ourselves, not have other people telling us that it needs to be done. (more…)

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Finding Health and Life Insurance With a Chronic Condition

Those shopping for health or life insurance coverage with a preexisting condition can face a considerable amount of resistance when it comes to attaining a policy. Nonetheless, protection for you and your family in times of crisis is a priority. The fact that you fit into a “high risk“ category should not disqualify you from coverage nor make your rates astronomical. (more…)