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Defeat Your Anger Before Anger Defeats You


Anger, fury, rage, wrath, annoyed, frustrated, irritation are emotions that each one has experienced at some point of time. These are healthy emotions which help us to vent out our feelings, make positive changes and take useful actions. (more…)

Little things make a difference


It was a normal day at work and I was trying to grab a bite at the crowded canteen. At about the same time I reached the counter, another worker too came nearby with his plate. Since I was furiously text-messaging, I didn't notice that the canteen staffer ignoring him started serving me first. (more…)

Goodness of The Greens Around You


Life is a busy and most of us spend our days shifting our focus from one activity to the other. Most of our days culminate by leaving us tired and often stressed about pending or some upcoming work. All this leaves us tired struggling for some sleep before another day starts. You may be a super mom trying to find a balance between home and work, or a dad doing the same job or else any human being who has some duties and responsibilities to fulfill. Sometimes you feel you are constantly trying to pursue one thing or the other so much so that we miss some moments that we could have enjoyed. One can make these moments special by becoming aware of the environment around us. (more…)

Travel – It’ll Transform Your Life for the Better


In his book Wild at Heart, John Eldredge stresses that man was made for the outdoors and is really an adventurer on the inside. No four walls can contain him and that there is always a desire in his heart and soul to travel and be one with nature. Such a statement really makes sense, because no activity in this world is quite as unique and challenging as traveling. It’s full of lifetime moments and overwhelming experiences. Every time you travel, you just get a sense and a feeling of being truly alive. (more…)

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A Tomato a Day Could Keep the Doctor Away

Despite the citizens of the United States of America having reached new levels of obesity in the past few years, an obsession with health has also come into prominence. Wherever we look, we’re confronted by advertisements for ‘detox juices’ and new diet crazes which promise to ‘reinvent’ your life. The current phase appears to be for gluten free diets and the usual crew: the Dukan diet, 5:2 diet and, of course, the infamous diet pills. However, it’s not just weight loss that we’re obsessed with; it’s the health benefits too. So, with celebrities and health guru’s alike raving about the new tomato pill, the main question is; does it actually work? (more…)