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You Need to Want to Want to Quit


This ties in with my last post.

After my mom read "Cinnamon Sticks," she told me that I'd missed a key part in the story. (more…)

Things to Think About in the Battle to Quit Smoking


Smoking can cause all types of cancers from throat, lung and mouth to bladder, kidney and pancreas. Smoking increases the risk of heart disease, lung cancer and strokes.  (more…)

How Did I Manage… ?


Well, I've seen that some people wrote a personal story, and I will write my own here.  Or, I should say, I will be writing some - as I have had a few experiences with different forms of smoking, mostly from second-hand or family-related issues. (more…)

The Fags Got Him in the End!


Smoking is something I have good reason to hate, as it is around 6 years now since someone I loved very much died from smoking-related heart disease, and I still miss him every day. (more…)

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My Struggle to Cope

I'm Sammi; a spunky 16 year old girl who's been through a lot but still manages to keep a smile shining on my face. I smoke cigarettes, and, unfortunately, I'm addicted. It's been only about a year now since I've started smoking, but dang, that nagging nicotine sure knows how to keep a hold tight on you. (more…)