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Healthy Eating Tips

It’s still the first month of the year, and you're possibly still discussing with family and friends your goal to change your eating habits this year. What are you waiting for? Well, you possibly have no clue where to begin.Changing your eating habits for the better can be a little intimidating when you’re unsure of where to start. I think the key to changing eating habits is taking small baby steps and trying different strategies that can make eating healthy a breeze. (more…)

Mindfulness; The Pause for a Cause

Our reactions to most situations can benefit by pausing ourselves and being present in the here and now. We are all faced by events we find distressing every day, both small and large; burnt toast, account overdrafts, misbehaving children, loss of employment, failing grades, and sometimes even the loss of a loved one. Depending on our individual reactions to these events, we can escalate them into episodes of profound depression, panic attacks, substance abuse, mania, hyper-aggression, or one of many other mood and behavioral conditions. (more…)

Journal Your Way to Health and Happiness

What if the key that could unlock weight loss, improved health and happier moods was within your grasp all the time? What if that key looked like...a pencil? (more…)

6 Common Sleeping Disorders

We all go through distressing situations. The only time our minds and bodies get to rest and repair themselves completely, is when we are sleeping. But when this rest phase is disrupted, changes in our body and even our daily lives, occur. (more…)

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I remember when I was a teenager I used to sit around with my high school sweetheart asking myself this question day after day. At that age, you don’t realize that the world can even be such a cruel place. Everything seems so perfect and dandy when you think that you have it all. (more…)