My Sweet Little Smoker


My daughter is planning on quitting smoking July 29th. She has had the habit for about 30 years. She is 41 now. She has tried to stop several times in the past but hasn't been sucessful.

I have talked to her about how great she should feel after getting all the toxins out of her system. She wants to feel better.

Having done quite a bit of research for the articles I have written on Breathing Happy, there were several things I knew could be hard for a person wanting to quit the habit. For instance, I know about triggers and know what they are is very important. And know what the alternative is that if she continued to smoke, she was in for trouble. This was something I felt was imporant. I have written several articles on COPD recently ,and how it effects a person's life. There are millions of Americans with the disease. I didn't want my daughter to be one of them.

I watched my grandfather die of emphasema. He had smoked for probably 50-60 years. Salems. I was a little girl about six or seven then and I remember watching my grandfather just trying to get into the bathroom to shave in the mornings. He would start out on the couch after breakfast and would get up and walk over to the table in the living room, probably four feet away from the couch. He would grip the table for several seconds, breathing heavier than usual. Then he would move on to the door jam in the hallway about five or six feet away. He would stand there bent over a bit, breathing heavy. Then after a short rest with the breathing, he would move across the hall and into the bathroom and grip the sink, now breathing heavy from whole the ordeal. He would stand there gripping the sink, leaning as he slowly shaved himself.

This went on until one day he came out and set in the big over stuffed chair in the livng room after shaving and died there. I don't want this to happen to my daughter. She has a ten year old son who loves her and needs her around. He really stresses her out sometimes. And she has a boyfriend who smokes like a chimney. With these two components to work around, it may not be easy for her.

July 29th will be here very soon. I certainly wish her luck.

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