7 Treatment Options for Wrinkle Removal

Treatment Options for Wrinkle Removal

If you are self conscious of your wrinkles, there are lots of anti wrinkle treatments to aid getting rid of wrinkles. You do not have to choose right away. Read the information on these treatments carefully before finally picking one that you want.

Topical Retinoids

This anti-wrinkle treatment is obtained from Vitamin A. Topical retinoid contains the ability to lessen minute wrinkles, scattered discoloration and coarse skin. However, it should be used together with a skincare regimen composing of sunscreen and shielding since the treatment can result in burning of skin. Topical retinoids can result to skin redness, dehydration, itchiness, and stinging sensation, so you need to be extra careful when using this treatment.

Over-the-Counter Wrinkle Creams

The efficacy of anti wrinkle creams is dependent on the ingredients incorporated in the product. When choosing to buy over-the-counter anti-wrinkle creams, you must make sure that it contains ingredients that are capable of eliminating wrinkles. The over-the-counter wrinkle creams have depleted intensity of lively components compared to the creams that you can only purchase through prescription. Finally, the results you can obtain from over-the-counter anti wrinkle creams are only temporary.

Dermabrasion Treatment

The dermabrasion technique includes smoothing down the exterior coating of your skin through the use of a fast rotating brush. The smoothing process will be able to eliminate the exterior of the skin to allow fresh coating of skin to develop again. You have to wait for a few months to see the desired effect of dermabrasion treatment.


The process of Microdermabrasion treatment is the same as dermabrasion. However, Microdermabrasion only requires removing a small amount of skin coating. The Microdermabrasion cosmetic procedure uses vacuum suction on top of your face while the aluminum oxide crystals connected to it smoothen your skin. This wrinkle treatment option needs to be repeated to preserve the slight impermanent outcome.

Laser Wrinkle Removal

Laser treatment for wrinkles works to intensify the development of fresh collagen fibers. When the lesion starts to settle, you will notice that fresh skin is developing, which is softer and taut. It will take a few months to completely heal the wound brought by ablative laser resurfacing. The new innovation in laser technology no longer requires prolonged periods of healing because the pulsed light and radio-frequency equipment used does not contain the ability to damage the epidermis.

Smooth Tissue Space Fillers

The smooth tissue space fillers contain fat, collagen as well as hyaluronic acid, which are injected into the subterranean wrinkles on your face. This process will be able to create plumpness and softness to wrinkles and creases to provide your skin additional dimension. This requires repeated treatment every few months.


The face-lift technique requires taking off extra skin and fat from the lower portion of your face and neck while tapering the principal muscle and connective tissue. You can enjoy the outcome of face-lift for around five to 10 years. However, you have to remember that the outcome of face-lift technique differs according to the area of your wrinkles and how profound they are.

Since you now know the different anti wrinkle treatments you can avail to treat your wrinkles, it is up to you to choose which type of wrinkle treatment will suit you best. Do not take your chance in these types of wrinkle treatments. Make sure to consult an expert and certified dermatologist to help you make the decision.

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