Let’s Start with Change


Let’s begin with a comfortable opening statement. You and I are no different and I will treat you as if I’m talking to myself. I will respect you without knowing you, and in return please read what I have to say. 

Beauty is a very confusing word. Either dealing with physical attraction or moments of pure bliss, it still promotes a strong message of pleasure.

In today’a society, the definition of beauty has changed; distorted from what it once was. Beauty today, is skinny, most likely blonde, straight white teeth. It’s so typical. Fake in a sense. Now how about I tell you something of interest. What if I told you, that you yes YOU are beautiful. Without any consent of anyone ever. You are beautiful in every way. The moment you understand that your beauty is strictly reliant on you believing you are beautiful.

You Define Beauty

You don’t need the best body or the best smile to be beautiful. You need to feel value in yourself regardless of your size or whatever “flaws” you believe you have. No. You cannot think negatively about yourself ever. Beauty comes from a strong mind. A mind that promotes prosperity. You cannot love anyone until you love yourself.

Beauty is not physical, this I know. Beauty is in the mind because the mind always lunges into the deepest feelings of beauty. Beauty is ultimately correlated with love. Love is important everyone. In feeling beautiful, a person feels love of his or herself.

For those that rely heavily on creating a physical appearance, I find you in the wrong.

I believe the moment you can look at yourself in the mirror and simply smile, then that is beautiful and that is all that matters.

If there are things that you don’t like about yourself, it is never too late to create a change. But ultimately you should know that there is no acceptance needed from anyone but yourself.

Love Yourself

Life is too short to place importance on the negatives

Don’t try to impress people that realistically don’t matter. You are your most important person in your life. You have the ability to change the world and you should never once think you can’t.

Once again, I love you. You are beautiful but what I say, isn’t relevant. It is what you decide. I’m strictly here to offer guidance in hopes to help those aspiring the true beauty in life.

Change comes with time, as does health. Health is not Immediate. It is dependent on how serious you are. I hope you read this blog and take away some information I have stated. Love yourself and beauty and health will fall into place perfectly. Trust me.

Never Forget

Live. Love. Laugh. Breathe Happy.

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