Makeup Tips for Sunny Days


Even though most people associate summer and the sunny days that it brings with joy, it can sometimes be quite difficult to remain looking, or indeed, being happy when your makeup is having a persistent tendency to come sloping down your face. Luckily, there are things you can do to either completely prevent this from happening, or at least, keep the necessary interventions on your makeup at a minimum.


While sunscreen can make it somewhat more complicated to apply the makeup, and the fact that you have to reapply it every couple of hours if you’re in the sun means that you’ll have to keep making adjustments to the makeup can be quite annoying; you should never go out in the sun without a decent amount of protection. Apart from irritations and burns, sun exposure could also have much more serious consequences, so consider applying generous amounts of sunscreen an obligatory part of your daily routine.

Skin Preparation

While sweat and heat are the most obvious problems when it comes to keeping your makeup in order during the summer, they are not the only ones. You also have to think about the oil that skin produces in increasing quantities when the weather is warmer. Luckily there are oil preventing cleansers and clay mask treatments available that should limit its production and, to some extent, take the pressure off of your makeup.

You should only use the minimal possible amounts of foundation, and only on the parts of the face where you really need it. You want your pores to be as free to breathe as possible, and too much foundation doesn’t allow for this. The same goes for concealer, apply only as much as you have to.

Should you need to use more foundation, you might want to consider using a primer before applying it. This will prepare the foundation for the heat and make it more resistant to its effects. It might make your face feel a bit stiff for a little while, but the sensation wears off soon enough.


When it comes to eye shadows, there are also primers that will make them last longer in the heat, and keep more of their luster. Since lids are constantly moving and brushing against the skin beneath your brows, eye shadow has to really be sturdy in order to prevent smudging. You should go with silicon, powder of cream eye shadows, as they seem to be the most resilient kinds. Lighter eye shadows are usually more appealing during the hot, sunny days, but if you are going out at night, darker shades would go great with your new rockabilly dress.

Before applying mascara to your lashes, you might want to consider prepping them with a layer of translucent powder. This will make them look fuller and the effects will last longer, as the powder lends some sturdiness to the mix. While you might want to immediately go for a waterproof type, try testing water resistant mascara in the shower first, they are gentler on your skin and might easily be perfectly adequate and resilient.

Damage Control

While following these tips might help alleviate the problem to some extent, you’ll still have to stay vigilant if you want to be looking your best. Always have a makeup sponge, blotting paper and a compact on you and be prepared to make constant adjustments to your makeup as you go.


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