The Point of Acupuncture


By inserting sterilized, thin, solid needles into carefully determined energy points, practitioners of acupuncture can reset a body’s ability to fight off, correct and heal a variety of ailments. The purpose of activating these points is to correct any imbalances that disrupt our natural flow of internal energy (qi or chi) and remove any unknown blockages. When there are imbalances – we suffer poor health and that isn’t ideal.

Identification of these imbalances  is based on solid knowledge of what for centuries – masters have observed.  Acupuncture is not new and its methodology is followed faithfully by all practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s the same energy philosophy we recognize in Feng Shui, Qigong and Dowsing.

Basically, the philosophy is integral to believing that there is no ideal condition, but that a certain person, requires a certain balance of heat, dampness, or wind, and requires it in different intensities and then it varies at certain times of their lives.  In other words, a wide range of conditions are tolerated and we can expect the condition of chi to change with the seasons and stages of life.

Ideally, we should experience a gentle transition from excitement, alarm, joy, and fatigue. Complications arise when there is substantial excess or deficiency of expected variables. This just means we feel out of whack.  We feel depressed, anxious, unwell.  Acupuncture aims to balance internal chi so our bodies can function better.

By examining the tongue, checking the pulse, and inquiring about fever, perspiration, appetite, thirst, taste, bodily functions, and sleep habits, an overview can be identified because there are certain tell-tale signs a studied practitioner can recognize. Then a plan is devised to stimulate key points. These key points represent areas of energy channels that enhance the functioning power of internal organs, nerves, and motor functions.

A dull, heavy, or slightly aching feeling occurs when the needle is inserted into the correct position. One might experience a thread-like sensation that runs along the activated meridian (or channel of internal energy). What you feel isn’t overwhelming and it is not unpleasant. It’s just subtly noticeable. Those new to the art, often don’t feel anything at all. Recognition comes with time.

It is important that the patient and practitioner are comfortable with each other. A truly skilled practitioner can actually feel a connectedness to the patient and this ability helps with the healing. A sort of intuition is developed among experienced practitioners, because energy is mobile. It moves and it radiates.

Acupuncture has been around for centuries and today, health insurance policies frequently allow this holistic method of wellness, to be covered as part of a patient’s overall health care.   The ability to harness vital energy is a component to living a more productive life. Breath Happy!

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