Write Your Own Philosophy and Stick to It for Success


There are no secrets to success, but if in this life you would be blessed, put your heart in your work and from your duty never shirk. It’s not a matter of if you fail, rather it is a must that you prevail.

If you would win over failure, then you must try and try again.

Loyalty to others is nothing new, but first to your own self be true. Remember, you cannot give what you do not own, and in this life you are not alone.

So, as you contemplate this word “successs” and how you could become the very best, just remember, it is not the things that you own that will make life worth living and the world your home.

I have written my personal philosophy for success in every area of life. You have already read it. You may or may not agree, however that is fine. Remember! I said that it was MY PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY. You have to write yours, then after writing it, take ownership. A written statement is just that, a written statement. You must be proactive and make that statement a lifestyle. You note that I have written that statement in BOLD and underscored it. Why? That is the bottom line. When you look yourself in the eye at the end of the day that statement will be the defining factor.

My mind functions in poetic form. I guess, thus far, that you have already noted that during your reading of my statement.

Have you ever had someone defecate on your dream? I assure you that it will not contribute to serenity. Yet, you take it in stride and swallow your pride, knowing indeed that life does have a brighter side. There will always be those who stomp on your toes, so YOU decide whether they will be friends or foes. This is something you ought to keep in mind, a foe is a friend that you have not managed to win, but never despair, he will come back again. Isn’t it true that we have a tendency to repeat negative issues until we get them right? So, lift up your feet as you hasten to meet, the foe that is not yet your friend. Do you suppose that he really knows that you heart will be open or quite closed? This is the crux of the matter my friend. You have to choose to win! That foe could be a person, or an attitude that you have not yet recognized. One thing is certain, the foe syndrome will continue to be an obstacle in your path towards success until you choose to make it your friend.

Here’s to your success!




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