4 Ways to Be Happier Being Less Perfect


We all know this, yet most of us somehow continue to forget it. No human is perfect. We make mistakes and should be able to move on. However, some of us seem to really struggle with moving beyond our mistakes or imperfections. Basically, this makes us miserable, and at times like these we could surely use a dose of happiness injected into our lives.

Part of being human and truly being happy is learning to let go of negative feelings toward imperfections. Some things we just cannot change, no matter how hard we try; and trying to reach ultimate perfection will never happen. Let’s stop worrying about what we can’t do and rejoice in what we can do. Loving ourselves – imperfections and all – is the quickest way to find happiness in life.

This begs the question, how does one change years of negative thinking? How does one stop striving for perfection? It takes courage and a lot of work to move beyond this type of thinking, but it can be done successfully. Here are just a few things we would all do well to remember that will increase happiness in life, imperfections and all:

1. You Don’t Need To Be Perfect. No, really.

You may need to constantly remind yourself at first that it is perfectly normal to have imperfections. Give yourself permission to be less than perfect! This simple thought will open your mind, soul, and body to new ways of thinking – and living. How often do you tell other people “no one is perfect”? Listen to your own advice. Don’t dwell. Rolling in the muck is no way to get clean.

2. Freedom At Last

Letting go of the need to be perfect means you now allow yourself the freedom to actually enjoy being happy. This is an important concept – how many times have you finally accomplished something, when you realized you don’t feel as good about it as you thought you would? Reach for true inner joy in all the things that you can do – some of these come pretty close to being perfect. As your professional and personal lives cross paths at various intervals, think about all of the good things that each of these angles brings to your life. Push aside those recurring negative thoughts that may plague you about various aspects of your day. Perfection is not an essential element of freedom. In fact, it often hinders it.

How can one truly enjoy the goodness in life if they have never experienced the bad? This is the underlying concept of the Yin and the Yang. Light casts a shadow, and if it weren’t for the darkness, we wouldn’t see the light. For most people¬†,the good times far outweigh the bad times. Taking pause to recall the good times will help you get through the hard times much more quickly. Just don’t let negative thoughts dominate your mind, as they tend to grow larger over time – sometimes to the extent that one can become most comfortable with them. Remember, you are free to be imperfect. So make mistakes, learn from them, and move on.

3. Go With The Flow

Everyone knows that one person who seems able to let negative things slide right off to them. They just go with the flow of life, and always seem to be happy and smiling. Happiness comes from putting things in their proper places. There is a designated place in your brain to store negative thoughts for later contemplation. A little compartmentalization can be healthy. Identify what makes you unhappy, put those thoughts in a little drawer in your mind, and get on with the joy of daily life. Happiness is more than a state of mind. It is a way of living. Some people have a natural ability to be able to let go of the negative while being more present. You may need to work at it, but with practice, soon you will be adept at going with the flow.

4. Stop Negative Self Treatment

Saying negative things about yourself not only harms your mind, but also works to keep you in a state of unhappiness and solemnity. Instead of concentrating on what you see as negative flaws, try looking at yourself and see all that is good about you. You are more than your looks, more than the shape of your body– you are certainly more than your mistakes. You are a unique – and beautiful – human being who deserves happiness. Continue to think these positive thoughts, and believe them.

No one can change your way of thinking. Only you have that power. Life itself is full of imperfections, and we are often just along for the ride. However, you have a conscious choice to dwell in the negative, or find those pockets of bright lights in the more positive. Embrace your imperfections, and go forward being deeply happy with who you are. Why not? The benefits of truly established self-love are far reaching and endless.


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