Dealing with High Blood Pressure Without Medication – One Step at a Time, Starting with Breakfast

I must start with a disclaimer. I am not a doctor. While I have much knowledge and experience in holistic medicine, I am not attempting to replace your physician. If you have hypertension (high blood pressure), step one is to see your doctor.

That said, you may be wondering why I am writing this. I am scribing this mainly for two reasons. First, I have personally benefited from the suggestions I shall make here and, if the article is received well enough, future articles. Shortly after I turned 50. my blood pressure skyrocketed to 210/180! I am pleased to say that without any drugs, but by simply modifying my diet and lifestyle, I am now within normal limits. Read more

Energy Drinks Could Short Circuit Your Heart

I used to drink an energy drink on a regular basis prior to going to the gym. It gave me motivation and stamina, so I could get a good workout. One morning I was really tired, so I drank a 24-ounce can of “Rockstar” on my way to work. After a couple of hours, my heart started racing and pounding like it was going to beat out of my chest. I have had “panic attacks” before, so I thought if I could calm down I would be ok. After fifteen minutes of non-stop heart pounding, I went to the emergency room. Read more

How I lost 30 Pounds Without Excercise: There’s an App for That

Two years ago after I turned forty-five, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I knew I had to change my eating habits and drop some weight. I’m 5’7″ tall and weighed 195 Lbs. I have tried fad diets, and they just left me hungry or irritable. Stimulant drinks or diet pills caused my pulse to race well above 140 bpm. I drank a Rockstar energy drink on my way to work one morning and by noon I was in the ER, because my pulse spiked to 210 bpm. They had to perform a cardioversion, which means using medication to stop and restart my heart to a normal rhythm. Read more

How to Preserve the Vitamins and Minerals in Your Food

The method in which we store, prepare and cook our foods may affect the level of vitamins and minerals available.

Many vitamins are susceptible to damage through heat, air, moisture and light. Minerals are generally more stable, but can also be diminished through cooking processes.

So, what can we do to make the most of the nutrition in our food? Read more

Herbs Can Keep You Heathy

The US Centers for Disease Control and Infection states that around 1 in 3 of the adult population has a problem with high blood pressure. This is often linked with high cholesterol and other health problems. While many patients turn to doctors for prescribed medications blood pressure can be lowered through making a few lifestyle changes. Using more herbs in our diet is one way to do this and a method that can make meal times more interesting as well. Read more

10 Ways to Foil Food Cravings

If we are trying to restrict our calorie intake, one of the major challenges we will have is in fighting those unhealthy food cravings when they come, as they inevitably will! It’s perfectly normal to have these desires, but it’s important to know how to deal with them, as they can easily sabotage any diet and fitness plan. Here are some tips for foiling these unwelcome impulses: Read more

Healthy Eating Tips

It’s still the first month of the year, and you’re possibly still discussing with family and friends your goal to change your eating habits this year. What are you waiting for? Well, you possibly have no clue where to begin.Changing your eating habits for the better can be a little intimidating when you’re unsure of where to start. I think the key to changing eating habits is taking small baby steps and trying different strategies that can make eating healthy a breeze. Read more

Simple Tips for Weight Loss in 2014

Who doesn’t want to lose weight in 2014?  I am sure that most of us have that as our top resolution for the new year, whether it be 5 pounds or 50 pounds or more.  Of course we all want to lose fat, especially around our middle, but maintain muscle.  These are the tricks that have worked for me in the past.  I, like everyone else I know, tend to eat and drink many things I normally would not over the holiday season, and so when January hits find I need to lose a few pounds. Read more

Take Out Versus Home Cooked: Finding Family Balance

My husband was raised on fast food, not home cooked meals and family dinners, but fast food. I on the other hand was raised eating at home and we rarely ate out. So of course this causes a major battle in my home, simply because he has grown accustomed to eating out, while I would rather eat at home. I have decided to do an article on eating out versus eating in for those who find themselves in the same position. Read more

Metabolism: Your First Step Toward Weight Loss

Knowing about metabolism and how it works will help you losing weight. Simply put, it is the rate at which your body burns calories. Low metabolism leads to weight gain, so it is smart to learn how to keep a healthy metabolism. This is the main key to weight loss and maintaining it. A low metabolism is caused by our choice of food, not getting enough  water, exercise, nutrients, and vitamins. Read more