Guide to Healthy School Snacks


Your kids spend a lot of time in school and during that time, they get a little bit hungry. Therefore, you need to figure out the best and the healthiest way to supply them with some healthy and good snacks that they will love and that will be good for them at the same time. This is not an easy task but it is a very important one as it is the start of making healthy eating habits for your child. This time – it is about meals when you are not around and that means that there will be some peer pressure and the exposure to all sorts of snacks that are not good for your kid. Therefore, here are some snack ideas that you can use.

Fruits and Berries Go together with your kid to pick a nice plastic container with their favorite characters and make a fruit salad together, combining berries and fresh fruit. You can use some blackberries and combine them with watermelon, cantaloupe and peach dices. Another great combination is apples, pears and apricots. It is cool to have harder fruits combined with one juicier than the others to make the whole salad smoother. Avoid sweeteners and teach your kids to appreciate the real taste of fruit.

Veggies You can pack the veggie salad with some sort of dressing, or you can leave the veggies raw and sliced into sticks with a dip. It all depends on the preference of you and your kid. You can also make tortillas and make veggie pockets. Not to mention all those spreads that you can make on your own by mashing up vegetables into the form that can be spread on a piece of toast.

Energy Bars These take a little bit more time, but if you make a larger quantity at once, they can last for days in your fridge. There are tons of recipes that you can use, and they all include all sorts of grains and seeds, combined with honey or almond milk or something similar. They are usually rolled out and cut into bars. Explore these recipes and make the ones that you like the most. Kids like these as they are candies.

Cereals and Whole-Wheat There is always the option of cereals, but you’ll need some plastic dishes for that and your kid may not have the time or the will to mix them up at school. But if that is not a problem, cereals are a great source of fiber and proteins. Also, if you can bake, all sorts of whole wheat tortillas with salsa, muffins and pitas are excellent choices. These are easy to make, if you try.

A very good idea is to include your kid in the preparation of these snacks because it will be fun, they will learn how to prepare snacks themselves and they will learn about healthy eating. In time, they will be able to take over that task to themselves.

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