I had to quit smoking


In January of 2011, I had developed a heart condition known as atrial fibrillation.  As I prepared to go in for my first internal x-rays, I was so scared the results would reveal my 28 + years of smoking by way of charred lungs and blackened ventricles.  I decided on that day to quit smoking cold turkey.  Read more

5 Things I (Re)learned by Having 50 People Over for Supper


My favorite day of the year has come and gone.  Friends’ Thanksgiving.  We started this event after our roommate suggested we have folks over to celebrate the holidays with our ‘family of friends’.  It began with about 15 people getting together, putting aside the to-do lists and committing a meal together.   Read more

When I Get to Live to More than a Hundred Years Old


“What if you can live forever?” What if you can see the seasons of life from spring, summer, autumn and winter for a thousand years or more? Some say that it’s a curse while billions around the world dream or aspire to have it in an attempt to cast out their own mortality and fear of death. The beliefs and versions vary. Some say you’d float in the sky in a white shining beam of light and be reunited to your creator, but that’s another form of immortality. That is immortality through an afterlife. Some view it as an oasis where milk and honey flow overabundantly in rivers. Some view it as a place where 70 virgins prance around to give you immeasurable pleasure but only if you do their bidding first in this life.

Some view it as a reunification with loved ones long gone and missed. But for me, immortality has two levels:

Conceptual: Some luminaries long gone, become immortal through their words, sacrifices or actions.

Practical: Science fiction and vampire novels come to mind.

Now you may be asking why this blog post is about immortality when I should be writing about trying to quit smoking. Our finite nature in this universe all hinges upon the fact that our organs fail. That’s why when somebody dies, people always ask what they died from. Heart attack, lung cancer, prostate cancer, liver damage, etc. All of the causes of death have to do with the failure of one or more organs. I am imagining a near future where scientists would one day be able to develop organ replacement techniques that are infallible. Maybe through stem cells or through nanobots.

Once they’ve done this and made it affordable and universally accessible, then we would no longer have to worry about a bevy of things that we should not be worrying about. At this very moment, my grandfather is slowly dying from cancer. When I came to visit them last week, they told me that what I am asking for was a miracle and miracles don’t happen in this world. What they needed was a practical solution, a solution of which I could not provide – nobody could. The conversation would have been different if the technology or the procedure was more readily available. Our conversation would have been about which star each would love to go to next, what robot models were being developed right now, the latest music or movie, how my daughters are learning how to code and play the guitar. In short, we would have been discussing living this life now.

My 3-day Adventure Toward Eating and Living Healthy


So, I did it.  After watching Hungry for Change, a documentary about the food industry, dieting and what we eat, I made a mental commitment to change the way I eat and more importantly, what I eat.  The documentary had many helpful suggestions on how to initiate a change in eating better with one of them being kick starting your system by “eating” nothing but raw fruits and vegetables for 3 days by “juicing”. I have read both sides of the argument that juicing (or detoxing) works, and that it does not work.  Read more

Brain Mapping


Humankind is undoubtedly referred to as the most incomprehensible yet intelligent living being on earth. The incontestable force that lies behind this fact is the human brain known for its ideal phenomenon called human consciousness which is the centre of all human thoughts and actions. Science and technology, always seeking pragmatic solutions and explanations to the human condition, grab increasing attention recently for a new phenomenon termed brain mapping. Read more

Choosing Healthy: The Smokers’ Guide to a New Life


Letting go of a habit will never be easy. I started smoking when I was 17 years old, and for almost 8 years, I could not stop inhaling and exhaling the cancer sticks. Whenever I am stressed out or feel the urge to release all the challenges I’m going through, I smoke. Just sharing this story actually makes me teary eyed. It was a struggle for almost a decade. I wasn’t mindful of the people around me. Smoking for me is something I used to really need. I used to smoke a pack and a half a day. It was gruesome. It makes me sick just by imagining it now. Read more

Being Held Back No More


Not knowing what to do or where to go to change what is happening. Some say stay, others say go and determining what is best, is becoming harder and harder. Wanting to complete school in a hurry, find a job and provide a better life for my family are all on my to-do list. However, the time to do these things is slowly passing by. Read more

All Because of Them


The day before I turned 26, I posted this Facebook status, “After tomorrow, I will be 4 years from 30 with hardly anything to show for it.” Read more

Discovering Myself Through Seasons


Life has a weird way of taking us through seasons of ups and downs. Some days we wake up to a beautiful sunrise and believe we are truly happy. Other days we fall asleep angry with the world or just ourselves. We may believe that our lives have very little purpose and by this time we should be doing something greater. Read more

Little things make a difference


It was a normal day at work and I was trying to grab a bite at the crowded canteen. At about the same time I reached the counter, another worker too came nearby with his plate. Since I was furiously text-messaging, I didn’t notice that the canteen staffer ignoring him started serving me first. Read more