5 Mood-Boosting Foods for Summer


Research indicates that our stomach and brain are interconnected through the tenth cranial nerve called the vagus nerve. Both these organs are made up of the same cells and tissues that grew during fetal development. The bacteria that helps with digestion in our stomachs communicates with the brain through the help of the vagus nerve. This study proves quite accurately that the food we eat affects our stomach. This has an indirect effect on our brain, and over time, these symptoms become more apparent. Today, our diet includes a lot of genetically modified foods that change our gut flora, making us more vulnerable to pathogens and microbes. Our crops are heavily sprayed with glyphosate which is a herbicide that is actually carcinogenic in nature. Also, our unhealthy choices regarding food create an imbalance in our bodies. High sugar consumption reduces the growth hormone in the brain resulting in BNDF, which stands for Brain-Derive d Neurotrophic Factor.

Which foods have a good effect on our mood?

The right foods can elevate your mood and lift up your spirits:

  • Dark Chocolate: Releases a chemical in the brain called anandamide which blocks pain and depression momentarily.
  • Proteins: Including a good amount of protein in your diet (such as beans and dark leafy greens) can balance the amount of sugar in the blood and enhance energy levels.
  • Bananas: Contain dopamine which is known for creating the “feel good” factor.
  • Coffee: Has an effect on the neurotransmitters in the brain which affect our mood. Also, it activates the brain stem cells.
  • Omega 3’s: Are found in fish (e.g. salmon), or plants such as hemp, and they are very good for maintaining a healthy emotional balance.

It would be very efficient to plan your weekly meals so that you can moderate your food intake. Even though high sugar consumption is risky, you can eat a small amount of sugary foods, which will keep your mood elevated. Macaroons are the perfect choice because they contain low amounts of sugar. They go very well with tea, which is great in supplying antioxidants to the body.

What types of food should you avoid?

Processed foods are known to contain toxic items such as MSG, trans fats, artificial colors and flavors. They influence brain cells negatively, and should be avoided at all cost. Gluten is found in rye, barley and wheat. Gluten intolerance or sensitivity, often undiagnosed, can effect one’s mood tremendously.

Always try to eat wholesome foods that will provide your body with the necessary amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals that are necessary for nutrition and growth. Maintaining a healthy diet will also help you keep a healthy mind.

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