An Apple a Day: The Most Surprising Benefits of Eating Apples on a Regular Basis


The phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is not some old wives’ tale that should be ignored in the modern era. Instead, it is an incredibly truthful adage that science is proving more and more as we better understand the health benefits of this delicious fruit. Yes, you know that apples are healthy because they are a fruit, but there are some surprising benefits that this nutrition-packed snack has to offer. If you eat apples on a regular basis, your body will be reaping far more than just these four benefits:

High in Fiber

Simply put, apples keep your digestive tract clean. The reason for this is that their cell walls are indigestible by humans. Instead of being turned into mush by stomach acids, they pass into the intestines as solids. The solids then scrape along the intestinal tract, helping clean off any bad debris. Fiber also keeps you satiated for far longer than any sugary snack.

A Better Smile

Though they can’t replace a good brush and floss, eating an apple helps to stimulate saliva production within the mouth. While saliva is not thought of too often, it is actually a critical component of good oral health. According to a dentist in Springdale at Kemper Pond Dental, saliva production is crucial in reducing the number of bad bacteria in the mouth. With less bad bacteria to go around, you can lower your chance of tooth decay. The hard composition of an apple also helps scrape away build-up along the front of the teeth.

A Healthy Heart

Extensive studies have linked apples to heart health. Aside from the insoluble fiber that aids the digestive tract, it also contains a soluble fiber directly tied to the prevention of cholesterol build-up along the artery walls. Known as phenolic compounds, they prevent bad cholesterol you intake in your diet from sticking to these crucial internal blood roadways.

Cutting down Cancer Risks

Like most healthy foods, apples help fight cancer. Their skins contain some of the highest levels of antioxidants of any fruit. Interestingly enough, apples specifically help prevent lung cancer, cutting the risk in half in those that eat this wonder fruit on a regular basis. The active preventative ingredients are known as triterpenoids, and are shown to inhibit cancer growth activity.


Apple benefits are no longer a mystery. While eating an apple every single day might be too much, you can turn to apples as a healthy alternative snack. By eating apples frequently, you open your body up to a great way to keep it clean and functioning properly. An added bonus is the sweetness. Instead of desserts that destroy your teeth and aid in building up plaque, turn to an apple. You’ll feel more fulfilled on less–while giving your body a healthy treat.


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