How to Clear Your Chakras for Improved Wellbeing


Most people will probably have heard of the term Chakras. It refers to energy centres, like spinning discs, in the human body,  seven in total, running in a straight line from the top of the head to the tail-bone.  Everything in the universe is vibration, and everything flows through a harmonic pattern, including the energies in our bodies. The Chakras are part of the same system, how we pick up energy on the level beyond physical, at the level of thoughts and emotions. When we open and clear our chakras,  we allow in a healthy flow, which is a potent tool for maintaining good health, staying balanced and becoming more spiritual.  Below are some tips for things we can do, and tools we can use, to heal our chakras and improve our lives.

1) Root Chakra

The first one, the root chakra, is located at the base of the spine, and associated with the colour red.  It is related to fear and survival, so taking action to overcome your fears is the quickest way to clear this chakra and overcome the struggles in this area.  Since red is the colour of this chakra, wearing red can give you a boost here. If you are feeling nervous or apprehensive about something, try wearing red, both clothes and crystals.  Another way of dealing with this is to meditate on your fear, and recognise that it is mostly in your own mind.

2) Sacral Chakra

The second, sacral chakra is just below the navel and associated with the colour orange. It relates to relationships, sexuality, guilt and blame.  To clear our blocks in this chakra, we need to be open, honest and genuine in our relationships. Wearing orange can greatly help here and so can meditating on what is wrong with your relationships. When doing this practice, ask yourself where you need to be  more respectful and what you need to be more true to. When you get gut feelings that something is wrong here, it is linked to this chakra.

3) Solar Plexus Chakra

The third chakra, in the middle of the solar plexus, is related to pride, ego, power and confidence.  Focussing on this chakra gives us insight into our deepest motivations for doing things, i.e. to discover if we, or others, are seeking approval. Some people seem very arrogant and egotistical, others very shy, insecure and lacking in confidence, and these are both extremes of third chakra energy.  When we balance this chakra, we will not veer to either of these extremes, but instead be able to feel quietly confident and empower both ourselves and others.

4) Heart Chakra

Located in the centre of the chest and related to the colour green, this chakra deals with love, compassion and grief.  The key to opening this chakra is learning to serve, and be selfless. This chakra is related not just to perfect love and understanding between humans but also to the healing of the earth. When you meditate on this chakra, recognise that all things are connected and deserve our respect and caring.  Green aventurine and rose quartz are two of the crystals that you can use to meditate on this chakra.

5) Throat Chakra

The throat chakra, whose colour is blue, is linked to communication and expression.  Art and other forms of creativity and self-expression also come from this energy.  To heal this chakra, we need to be honest and open with ourselves and others.  It is also very helpful to engage in creative hobbies which inspire us, like writing, painting or making something new.  When meditating on this chakra, ask yourself if you have said things that could have hurt others, or if you are not saying things which you should say.  Sometimes, health problems like sore throats can be linked to throat chakra imbalances, so if you have this problem, do a clearing exercise.

6) Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra, linked to the pineal gland, is located in the centre of our foreheads, hence the name. Its colour is indigo/purple, and it is all about mental clarity, truth, intuition and our sixth sense and psychic abilities. When this chakra is blocked, we do not hear our own intuition clearly, and do not see patterns around us. When you meditate on this chakra, focus on one-ness, on recognising that we are all connected and all from the same source.  When we really open this chakra, we can hear the truth, although it may be hard for us to  understand and accept at first.

7) Crown Chakra

This is the chakra at the top of the head, and its colours are white or violet.  This is our portal to the cosmos and  our divinity. Inspiration and guidance come from here, and once it is properly balanced, we will be able to control our thoughts and become aware of our life purpose.  When meditating on this chakra, be aware that your biggest blockage is your attachments here on Earth, not just attachments to material objects or people, but also to ideas. If you get stuck on your life working out a certain way, you will tend to get too attached to the outcome. You can avoid this happening by stating what it is you want and then just letting it manifest however it needs to.

When we learn to clear our chakras, release our attachments and go with the flow, we will find that our lives will become more peaceful and our sense of well-being greatly improved.


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