Sex and the Smoker


It was a hot and steamy evening with no cool breeze whispering its vanity. The echoes of the waves from the beach rhythmically splash as the world sleeps. But somewhere in Havana, some innately natural and distinctly human ritual is happening. Two souls, connected as one, embark on a pristine exploration of their own humanity. Finally, the winds whisper again, and the leaves of a small palm tree swooshes about, tingling and mingling as if they were rolling in laughter. 

All is calm.

The flick of a red lighter, a deep breath and the air in the room becomes wispy. A cornucopia of sensation, engulfs these two souls and the world seems clearer.

How many times have we seen this erotic scene? It’s a vivid picture that’s been painted in our minds, endlessly by TV shows, movies and even romance novels. But these are all romanticized expressions, quite possibly immersed in subliminal marketing.

The message which is not as clear as the smoke laying underneath the ceiling:

“Smoking after sex feels good” 

Now, I am from a culture where talking about sex and our deepest personal lives is pretty much taboo, but I’m not writing for my culture, I’m addressing you.

These scenes, too often permeate our mind when we happen to watch a movie or a tv show, that we miss the underlying marketing beneath it. A marketing scheme, which is for all intents and purposes, masked by a lie.

The Lie of Sex and the Cigarette

Consult with Dr. Google and type in, “Sex and Smoking” and for the life of me, please stop giggling.

The truth is, you will have better sex if both partners do not smoke. Why?

  • Smoking can lead to erectile dysfunction. (Source: WebMD) Now, if you feel the need for me to indulge you with the details, let’s just put it this way: how can you enjoy doing something if the tools of the trade are, well, dysfunctional? Perhaps, we often see these casual scenes in movies, precisely because of the frustration of one party which is often not displayed. Remember, a carpenter cannot build, if his hammer is broken.
  • Smoking reduces the romantic aspects of sex. There is an adage here somewhere, and it has something to do with kissing or licking ashtrays. Anyway, the smitten Romeo and Juliets of the world probably won’t mind bad breath and black teeth as much, but really, nobody likes putting their mouths to somebody’s mouth which smells like burned charcoal.
  • Smoking reduces performance. To some people, sex is like a pleasurable walk on a quiet Sunday morning. To others, it’s a marathon or a World Wrestling Entertainment cage match. Regardless of whether it’s a walk or a marathon, adequate performance requires Oxygen. Your lungs need Oxygen and your muscles need it to function properly. (Source: eHow) We need not mention that proper breathing is essential for the whole endeavor as it is necessary to time the whole exercise. Otherwise, the endeavor could fail, prematurely, within a few minutes if not seconds.
  • Don’t Defile the Temple. Our body is a temple. When two beings coalesce and form a physical union it is very much akin to visiting each other’s temple. True, we offer unto each other the self, as unique and as imperfect as it may be, but a temple that is pure will always be better than one which is laden with ash and destruction.

It is understandable why some people choose to smoke before or after having sex. Sex is a form of release of sexual tension that builds up over the course of days or weeks, even years for some. In the same way that smoking is a release of emotional and psychological tension that can also build up over a period of time. The combination of both, does have merit, even though, a very small one.

In the long run, smoking will drastically reduce the quality of your whole sexual experience. You and your partner will definitely be affected, and the quality of your relationship will decline.


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