How Autosuggestion Can Help You Stop Smoking


There are many people out there who are addicted to smoking, and you could be one of them. If you know you have to quit for health reasons, you might want to explore autosuggestion as a technique for quitting smoking.


The first stage to quitting smoking is to analyze why you smoke in the first place. Do you smoke because you think it makes you look cool and sophisticated? Do you smoke because everyone else you know also smokes? Why do you continue to smoke even though you know it is bad for you? Do you really want to quit?


Now that you know why you smoke, you need to figure out why you want to quit. Have you been coming down with respiratory ailments frequently? Does the slightest physical exertion leave you out of breath easily? Maybe you want to quit because you don’t want your kids copying you. Or maybe you want to stop spending money on fags that you can use for other more necessary things. People have different reasons for wanting to stop smoking.


Now the autosuggestion part comes to fore. You should look at your reasons for wanting to quit and repeat them to yourself every day. You should set aside an hour daily just to read your reasons for quitting smoking. Keep doing this until you have memorized these autosuggestions. Repeat them to yourself throughout the day, and especially when you feel the urge to return to smoking.


Yes, quitting smoking can be a long road to travel by you. So get your friends and family in on it by telling them to stop you when you feel the urge to light a smoke. Your relatives and friends can also text you your autosuggestions throughout the day – this should help bolster your resolve to quit smoking altogether for good.

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