Communication is the Key to a Successful Marriage


Verbal communication is a tool for understanding other people, but wives and husbands know each other through non-verbal communication just fine. They can communicate without uttering a single word. You can talk louder in silence than you ever could with words.

Talking is not a single way to communicate. We can send our messages through facial expressions, attitude and body language. Physical aspect is also relevant as you can convey your message by gently touching your partner’s hand to show affection. However, the massage will be different if you squeeze their hand.

The basis of good communication is in paying close attention to your partner’s behavior through moods, actions, gestures, attitudes, and movements. These non-verbal messages will help you understand your partner and recognize their needs. Following tips will help you improve your non-verbal skills.

Mood changes

Your spouse is usually enthusiastic and then suddenly he/she starts being forgetful or distracted. These mood changes mean that there is something going on, and they are not ready to discuss it with you. You can tell your spouse you have noticed things are a bit different and ask her/him to share it with you. If they are refusing to address these changes, don’t make pressure by insisting on talking about it. Marriage means two-way communication, and it is essential to monitor your behavior, attitudes, tone of voice in the same way you observe your spouse. But, it can be hard to be objective about yourself, and see yourself as you see others.

Body language

Is your spouse avoiding an eye contact or averting his eyes? Generally, truthful people always look you in the eye when talking to you. On the other hand, those who avoid your gaze don’t want you to know what they’re thinking or feeling. So, you can always tell if your partner is concealing something by observing the way your partner’s body reacts-tense or relaxed.

Signs of tension or nervousness

If your partner is anxious in conversation, this can be a sign that some feeling or thought is not being verbally revealed. Talkativeness or unusual silence can also be clues of nervousness.

However, be careful when interpreting non-verbal clues and body language because you have to incorporate these into the total picture of what your spouse is communicating. Some people can look you directly in the eye while telling you lie, like a good sales agent. On the other hand, non-verbal clues of some scrupulously honest people might give the wrong impression they are lying. So, make sure you don’t make a conclusion from a single clue.

Re-check gesture meaning

Gestures are aspects of individual communication. But, when each partner appoints different meaning to the same gesture, it can bring about friction in the marriage or relationship. If you feel confused and cannot interpret gestures, ask your partner to explain the meaning of their communication. Address an identified emotion that was hidden behind that gesture and remember to have a healthy conversation with your spouse at any time.

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