A Quick Trick To Blast Belly Fat For Summer


We all enjoy summer more when we feel great about our body. No one wants to think about the layer of fat around their waist at the beach. You want to enjoy the sun, have fun, and feel confident.

Perhaps you’ve tried a few different diets or workouts and you’re still struggling with your weight . So finding the right advice now is essential to feeling great about your body all through summer.

We’ve all seen the crash diets and fads on T.V or in magazines. Do they all work? I can’t honestly say they will. However I do know a simple trick that burns belly fat quickly.

With summer on your doorstep this could really prove to be a life saver. Especially if you have a vacation in the sun planned or know you’ll be spending your weekends by the beach.

Try A Finisher

Many of the top fitness coaches employ a method called a finisher at the end of their workout routines. This may involve 5 minutes of intense exercise that enhances the results of your workout.

A simple trick you can try is based on this principle. After a cardio or core workout, pull on your sneakers and go for a short run. If you manage to run for 15 minutes you will feel your abs working harder because of the core workouts you did beforehand. Of course running is not something everyone is used to doing. However, if you can manage even 10 minutes at whatever pace you can handle you will feel the benefit.

This is effective because your abs are being worked non stop. That’s after you’ve already hit them during your cardio and core workout. Your whole body is also being worked and that means you will burn more fat.

Where can I find Good Cardio and Core Workouts

There’s some great workouts found online if you do a simple google search. Youtube is also a resourceful place to find one that suits you. A good cardio workout usually consists of exercises like burpees, mountain climbers, squats, high knees, and the standard plank. If you’ve tried a training program like T25 and PS30 or you’ve attended a class at your local gym the chances are you’ve performed some of these moves.

It’s important to perform the workouts properly and safely at a pace you can manage. If you get injured you’ll be limping to the beach as well as being unhappy with your body.

Keeping Upbeat

It can be easy to give up and feel miserable if you have been trying to lose that layer of belly fat and it won’t go away.

A good routine is important and it’s amazing what you can achieve over a few weeks. So there’s still a little time to get in shape before summer.

With some focus and some discipline you may find yourself strolling down the beach enjoying the hot sand, clear sky, with an ice cream in your hand.

Better still, you won’t feel guilty for eating that ice cream because you know you got yourself in shape!

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