You Need to Want to Want to Quit


This ties in with my last post.

After my mom read “Cinnamon Sticks,” she told me that I’d missed a key part in the story. Grandma didn’t simply stop smoking because I was there. It was because after we started living with them, little me walked up to her and said, “You’re making me cough, Grandma.”

She informed me that she’d been trying to get her mom, my grandma, to quit smoking for years. Somehow, I somehow gave her the push she needed to quit.

This lead me to a thought. If you don’t really want to quit, then you’re not going to try.

And I can relate to this in a way. As I said before, I’ve never actually smoked, so I don’t know what it feels like to be addicted to something like nicotine. How can I relate then? I’ve been trying to loose weight for years, but I don’t think that I’ve ever really wanted to do so as much as I have late last year.

Once it registered in my head that this was something I really wanted for myself, I found something that I thought would be affective, opposed to what I’d tried in the past and yo-yo dieted on.

These past few weeks, I’ve really stuck to this new life style I’m trying to make for myself.

Before I told Grandma that she was making me cough, she didn’t have the want or need to stop what she had become so used to doing, what she probably enjoyed.

You can know that smoking is bad for you because you’ve been told it for years, your friends and/or family want you to quit, that it would probably be a good idea for you to quit, but it isn’t until you really want to do so that you’ll be able to.

When you set out to quit smoking, realize that you’re doing something very important for yourself, and maybe even the people that you love most.

As you can see from the image with this post, bringing a child into your life with change your world in many ways. A good place to find motivation is in your family.

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