Nicotine Gum

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I’ve seen a lot of commercials about Nicorette, but have never really known what it was. According to its website, this gum has a small amount of nicotine in it to help you wean yourself off the nicotine your body has become accustomed to while smoking.

The website provides a ton of helpful information to help you quit while using their nicotine Read more

Quit One Thing and Start Another

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First off, I’m not a smoker. I haven’t abstained from the activity entirely. Knowing smokers, I’ve had a few just to join them as we hung out. Not many tried to quit, but one kept trying and failing. Read more

The Beautiful Deadly Habit

The hardest place in the world to quit smoking is Europe! Smoking has developed into such a social norm, a brand of cigarette someone smokes can tell you a lot about a person. Read more

When addiction takes place

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One of the leading cause of health problem in the world today is smoking. Many people find it difficult to quit because they are used in it. I’ve known some user who really found it difficult to quit but somehow they become successful in kicking this habit. Read more

5 Reasons You Should Quit Smoking, and Choosing 1

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In quitting smoking, as in breaking any addiction, sustained motivation is key. There are many different reasons why people attempt to quit smoking. By identifying which is the most important reason for you personally, you will have a clearer vision of exactly why you want to be smoke-free, and that vision can help sustain you when that one more cigarette looks so inviting. Here are 5 of the most common reasons cited for deciding to quit smoking. Read more

Freedom At Last!

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For those who are smokers and thought about quitting there is no better time than the present. With support from family, friends, coworkers, etc. the benefits will surely be worth it. Read more