Smokers – Watch Your Butts!


Your cigarette butts, that is! (Don't get the wrong idea from this title!) Yes, this is another angle to quitting smoking that you may not have considered, as I imagine most people don't, i.e. what happens to cigarettes once you have smoked them. Apparently the butts from used cigarettes are the number 1 source of litter and environmental pollution around the world, as they are found everywhere and leak a lot of toxic waste. They are still generally considered to be one of the most “acceptable” forms of litter, the last line of defence, as it were, in the battle against littering and pollution.

Most smokers don't think twice about smoking a cigarette, then throwing the stub in the street, or out of a car window. I freely admit, I didn't think about it myself when I was a smoker – I didn't consider the environmental damage I was inadvertently causing. So now it makes me even more glad that I no longer smoke, the fact that I am not polluting the world in this way. The problem with cigarette butts is, that not only are they unsightly and an eyesore, but they contain a lot of toxic chemicals which leach out into the environment. The tobacco trash contains a plastic filter which only biodegrades under extreme conditions and endangers wildlife, besides being expensive to clean up on roads, beaches, parks, etc. Not only do the butts contain chemicals which are poisonous to wildlife, but they are carcinogenic and these toxic chemicals can sink into the soil and contaminate water sources.

I am sure you will all agree that this environmental pollution problem with the butts is yet another excellent reason to quit smoking (as if there were not enough already! I think it is worth considering this angle as well though – I am sure that the more reasons people find to quit this habit, the more it will strengthen their resolve and the more success they will have).. The health organisation Legacy is trying to raise awareness of this concern at present. You can read more at this section of their website,, which gives detailed information on this subject. Now I know all about the concern with butts, I am 100% behind them (pun intended!)

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