Smoke Free Life Step Program Step 4


In this step we start to explore the brainwashing, why you are smoking, and changing the habit. You have decided to quit smoking and have come to the realization that smoking is just a habit. If someone asked you why do you smoke you might tell them that it relaxes you and gives you confidence. This is not true society has brainwashed us into thinking that smoking is a habit. People will tell you habits are hard to break so you go on smoking believing what they say. Are habits hard to break? No this is a lie that habits are hard to break. The simple facts each day we break bad habits in our lives.

We find it hard to break the habit of smoking even though it tastes awful, will kill us, and cost us a fortune. Consider why you keep this filthy and disgusting habit knowing you want to break it anyway. You can break this habit all you have to do is stop doing it. The truth is that smoking is not a habit but a nicotine addiction. That is why it is difficult to give up smoking. Smokers do not consider they are drug addicts or understand drug addiction. Society brainwashing has convinced smokers they receive genuine pleasures from smoking. If you try to give up smoking the brainwashing says to you this is a genuine sacrifice and you do not need to stop.

To give up smoking you have to understand the beautiful truth that smoking is a nicotine addiction. You need to understand the true reasons you smoke and then you can stop smoking just like that. Within a few weeks the mystery of smoking has left your life and the only mystery now is why you found it necessary to smoke the first time. You start to realize that smoking is not a habit but the cigarette companies brainwashed you to smoke. It is time to look closely at the world around you and what influences you to continue smoking. To give up smoking each day you have to reprogram your subconscious mind to see cigarette smoking for what it is. The cigarette is not a habit but a drug addiction, it is a filthy habit, costs money, and in the end will kill you.

In this step it is time to realize that smoking is the sinister trap and cigarette companies have brainwashed you. What makes anyone smoke the first time? Anyone who smokes warns you that smoking is filthy, disgusting, costs a fortune and you should never start smoking. We hear this advice and cannot believe they are not enjoying smoking. One pathetic issue of smoking is how hard you worked to smoke. Cigarettes are the only trap which has no lures it is the advertising that brainwashing you. The only reason you smoke a second cigarette is not the marvelous taste but how awful it taste. If the first cigarette tasted marvelous we would not go back and try it again. Then we could understand why half the adult population was paying to poison themselves. The awful taste of the first cigarette tells our mind we will never become hooked. Our minds play a trick on us saying they taste so bad we can stop at any time.

Cigarettes are the only drug in nature that prevents you from stopping. When young boys start smoking they have an image of being tough. When you smoked your first cigarette you did not feel tough. Instead you felt dizzy, sick and afraid to inhale. All you wanted to do was get away from the other boys and throw the filthy cigarette away. Cigarette companies have portrayed the image of men being tough when they smoke. Women are portrayed as being sophisticated. When boys learn to be tough and women learned to be sophisticated they wish they had never smoked the first cigarette. Women never look sophisticated when they smoke this are figments of our imaginations created by cigarette advertisements.

After becoming hooked we spend the rest of our lives trying to explain to our self why we smoke. We tell our children their friends that smoke will try to get you to smoke with them. We spend the rest of our lives trying to escape the trap we are in. When inside this trap the only time we try to stop is when we have stress in our lives. We have to stop only for health, money shortage or societies making us feel like a leper. As soon as we stop our lives fill with more stress thinking about the withdrawal pangs of nicotine. Once a smoker the only object to help stress is your cigarette and now you must do without.

Once you start smoking your life enters a giant maze. Once inside the maze your mind becomes misted and clouded. You spend the rest of your life trying to escape the maze. Many smokers have escaped the maze only to be drawn back inside again. Stopping smoking is not the problem you have to understand the maze that traps you. The maze is a complicated puzzle and once you understand the solution it is easy to solve.

Anybody can find it easy to stop smoking only after understanding the facts. The scare facts do not work and if they did you would have given up smoking a long time ago. On the market today there is plenty of information about the evils of smoking. What we need to do is find out why it is difficult to stop. To find the answer to this question we need to know why we are still smoking. Once we find this answer we can solve the complicated puzzle and stop smoking.

In step 4 we have explored the brainwashing, why we started to smoke, and why it is hard to stop. Each step is altering our way of thinking and the brainwashing by cigarette companies. Taking a look into ourselves and asking ourselves why we smoked is the beginning. We do not have an answer to this question so why do it? That one is simple you are a drug addict. You have to understand the addiction to break the trap of smoking cigarettes. We have to understand the trap we are in and how the maze works to give up cigarettes in our lives. In the next few steps we will explore all the techniques of brainwashing and how to break the cycle. To stop smoking we have to understand the cycle and how easy it is to break it.

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