Natural Remedies That Help Kick the Habit


We all smoke or have smoked for various reasons: boredom, peer pressure from friends and even parents, social rewards, addictive personality, general self-medication purposes and the most popular culprit: stress. While our reasons to smoke may seem temporary, addictions can last a lifetime.

Taking a deep introspective look inside, identifying our motivations for smoking can be half the battle.  Whatever our reasoning may be, it is not worth the long-term effects of tobacco on our lungs.  We've only got one pair!

I would like to share some natural remedies I have found to assist me on my quest for longevity.  Bearing in mind my desire to both keep costs low and avoid over the counter drugs, I have found several ways to help stay on track.

Lobelia Herb: A powerful relaxant with similar properties of nicotine, Lobeline is the active ingredient found in numerous stop-smoking formulas. Simply a cup of tea using Lobelia herb can also be good for respiratory problems, increased blood flow and general relaxation.

Ginseng:This agent is known to reduce the body's reaction to stressful visual and auditory stimuli. Ginseng helps the brain adapt to stressful situations, thus, lowering the amount of smoking triggers.  Try starting with a ginseng root, nibbling and swallowing 1-2 grams when the urge strikes.

Milk Thistle (active ingredient silymarin): Assist your liver in protecting itself from harmful toxins introduced by cigarettes.  Suggested dose of 420 milligrams for 6-8 weeks for results.  

St. John's Wort (most active ingredient hypericin): Improving your mood during mild to moderate depression, or simply to improve overall unstable emotions, St. John's Wort can get you over the first hump faced by smokers looking to quit. Standardized extracts of St. John's wort are taken in a dose of 300 milligrams three times daily.

In addition to observing good health habits, try to identify your triggers for smoking.  For some, this may include switching from coffee to tea, lowering alcohol consumption, eating smaller meals and most imporant, lowering stressful activities and thought patterns.

I wish you the best of luck!

-Happy Lungs



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