Smoking And Skin Eruptions


Here is yet another great reason to quit smoking! Apparently it causes acne, in adults (not just teenagers). That may seem very trivial, compared to all of the other health problems that this habit leads to, but it is still worth taking into account. It can cause non-inflammatory acne, characterised by large blackheads and large pores, but not as inflamed as  the  normal type is. It seems that women who are predisposed to acne, i.e. if they have had it as teenagers, are more likelyto have these kinds of skin problems as adults.

The reason is thought to be that nicotine and the host of other harmful chemicals in cigarettes can increase the rate of skin cell turnover, which in turn means that the blood vessels become constricted, the skin does not receive so much oxygen, and reactions then occur that make the skin produce more sebum (the oil that usually lubricates it). When too much sebum is produced, pores become blocked and inflamed, and acne can be the result. It is true that other factors may also be involved in the formation of spots, e.g. diet, lifestyle, environment, hormones. However smoking does seem to be a major culprit, and it can actually make hormonal acne worse. This is because it has been shown, through several studies, that smoking causes insulin resistance and increases blood sugar levels. It also increases the amount of free testosterone in the blood, and both of these factors can aggravate hormonal pimples.

The smoking habit is indisputably bad for the skin generally, not just in causing unsightly acne blemishes which come and go. The habit ages the skin prematurely, causing wrinkles and brown spots, as it reduces collagen production and Vitamin E (which is the anti-ageing vitamin) and it is known to have an adverse effect on cell turnover and renewal in the skin. It can lead to the type of quickly-dividing cells that are associated with cancer. So a good reason to quit smoking is for the sake of your skin and your looks, if no other!

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