Smoke Free Life Step Program Step 5


In this step we will identify why we carry on smoking. All of you have started smoking for one reason or another. One reason people start smoking is because of social pressures or social occasions. Now you're hooked why do you continue to smoke? That is the problem no smoker knows why they smoke. If a smoker knew the true reasons they smoked they would stop smoking. The true answer why you smoke is the same for all smokers but the variety of replies is infinite.

Smokers realize in their hearts they are mugs. Each smoker realizes they never had to smoke the first time but now they're hooked. Think back to your first cigarette and how horrible it tasted. You had to work hard to learn how to smoke and become hooked. Smokers come to realize that nonsmokers are not missing anything and feel they are laughing at them.

Smokers are intelligent, rational human beings. Each smoker understands the health risks and the money they spend in their lifetime smoking. Understanding these issue smoker find it necessary to have a rational explanation to justify their habit. The real reason you continue to smoke is nicotine addiction and brainwashing.

Nicotine Addiction

Nicotine, a colorless, oily compound, is the drug found in tobacco. Nicotine is why smokers cannot stop smoking and they're addicted to smoking. Nicotine is the fastest addictive drug knows to civilization. It only takes one cigarette to become hooked. Every puff on a cigarette delivers a dose of nicotine to the brain from your lungs. The dose of nicotine your brain receives acts more rapidly than the dose of heroin the addict injects into his veins. Consider there are twenty puffs on each cigarette. You are injecting twenty doses of the drug into your brain for each cigarette you smoke.

Did you realize that nicotine is a quick-acting drug? When smoked the levels in your bloodstream fall quickly. After smoking within thirty minutes the nicotine levels fall quickly to half and within an hour to a quarter. This explains why you smoke an average of twenty cigarettes each day. After you put out your cigarette the nicotine levels rapidly start to leave your body and you begin suffering withdrawal pangs.

Smokers have a common illusion about withdrawal pangs. Smokers believe that withdrawal pangs cause terrible trauma that they must suffer when forced to stop smoking. This is another brainwashing technique by the cigarette companies to keep you smoking. The feeling is not withdrawal pangs but is mental. The smoker only feels deprived of his pleasure or prop.

Withdrawal pangs from nicotine are subtle and most smokers who stop smoking never realize they are drug addicts. When the term "nicotine addicts" is used most smokers think they just "got into the habit". If you talk with smoker they have a horror of drugs and being an addict. But that is what the smoker is a drug addict. Nicotine addiction is an easy drug habit to kick once you accept you're addicted. There is no physical pain in the withdrawal from nicotine. The true feeling a smoker feels when stopping to smoke is an empty restless feeling and smokers think it is something to do with their hands. If the feelings prolonged, the smoker becomes nervous, insecure, agitated, lacking in confidence and irritable. This feeling is like hunger to a smoker for the poison of nicotine in his body.

In the beginning when you started to smoke the withdrawal pangs were slight and you did not even know they existed. After you start to smoke regularly and think it is because you enjoy smoking or you have gotten into the habit. The truth is after the first cigarette you're hooked and did not realize it. You have smoked one cigarette and now the nicotine monster is inside your stomach and now and then needs to be fed. The reason you continue to smoke is to feed the nicotine monster inside you.

Smoking is a serious countdown and each smoker knows they're trapped by something evil. Once trapped the only pleasure you receive from a cigarette is trying to return to a state of peace, tranquility and confidence you had before you started to smoke. Your body was complete before you started the nicotine chain. Once you have forced nicotine into your body and put out the cigarette the nicotine starts to leave and you suffer from withdrawal pangs. The withdrawal pangs are not physical pains but an empty feeling. You are not aware they exist but the nicotine in your body is a dripping tap.

Your rational mind does not understand this problem all you know is you want a cigarette. Once you light the cigarette and smoke it the craving is gone and you feel content and confident again. The feeling you are feeling is the state of confidence before you ever started smoking. The satisfaction you feel is only temporary because you have to relieve the craving by putting more nicotine into your body. Once you put out the cigarette the craving starts again leading you into an endless chain. You're stuck in the endless chain of life until you break it.

In this step we explore the reasons you started smoking the first time and what keeps us smoking now. Understanding the nicotine monster inside us is important. Once you understand how nicotine works on your body and accept the fact you are a drug addict then you can stop smoking. Nicotine withdrawal is one drug that is easy to break when you understand how it works on your body. Many try to keep you smoking using brainwashing techniques saying how bad the withdrawal pangs can be. When in fact the withdrawal pangs are no more than an empty feeling you have similar to hunger pains. In step 6 we will continue to explore the nicotine addiction and how to identify the problem. We will talk about how it all started and how we can break the cycle of smoking.

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