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One of the leading cause of health problem in the world today is smoking. Many people find it difficult to quit because they are used in it. I’ve known some user who really found it difficult to quit but somehow they become successful in kicking this habit. Some says that smoking is life’s simple pleasure, other say it relieved their stress. Many continue to smoke even the fact that many of them die because of it, and the worst, half of them die younger because of it. Although smokers list a lots of reason why they smoke, the real reason behind all those alibi is that they are addicted to the nicotine.

I’ve interviewed people with lung problem and most of them admitted that they really smoke. Some in their younger days,some still smoking even the fact that they are diagnosed with a lung problem. During the range of their confinement in a hospital, most of them says they will not go back to that habit, but after they discharged from the hospital they usually tend to forget what they are saying during that time where they experience shortness of breath, dyspnea and where they almost end their life. However, even that some of them done that, those who are experience to almost end their life really serious in quitting.

From those who are successfully quit smoking, they really walk through a difficult times. Many depression and temptation comes along in quitting. Many said that the success of quitting comes first from the willingness and determination of the person itself, support from love ones, significant others, and the people around him really matters.

In addition in quitting,the process of quitting should not be abrupt. It should be in a one step process. First, cut back on smoking gradually.The smoker should limit the used of cigarette per day, instead of usual usage of 10 stick per day, the user should used 8 stick and minizing it to the following day until the addiction lessen and up to the point that it will vanish. Secondly, the use of modification process. If the usual pattern of the user is to used cigarette to  lessen stress, instead of using cigarette, the user can have some alternatives such as candy. Lastly,focus. you should have a determination and you should focus on quitting. You should not accept any temptation and always try to have a reason always why you should do it. Try to engaged your self in a recreational activity with friends and live life positive ways, you should also need to reward your self for the milestone you successfully passed.

Furthermore, smoking really harm not the user alone but also those who surround him. Although the government warn us about smoking but because of addiction, the warning has been disregarded. Many died from disease in which from smoking, aside from harming itself, we can also harm our environment. Many innocent individual suffered because of our action. So it is not too late to quit smoking. in quitting the first who really benefits is our self, secondly our loved ones and lastly the environment. it will save the mother earth.

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