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I’ve seen a lot of commercials about Nicorette, but have never really known what it was. According to its website, this gum has a small amount of nicotine in it to help you wean yourself off the nicotine your body has become accustomed to while smoking.

The website provides a ton of helpful information to help you quit while using their nicotine gum, including a free quit plan and community with Nicorette Commited Quitters.

There is much stress on using this product appropriately because there is a risk of becoming addicted to it. So, I suggest that this particular resource to help you stop be used only after you have done research. You need to make sure that you understand exactly what you’re doing with the product and that you know you can stop after the suggested 12 weeks. And I think that this is something you should consult your family doctor about.

According to an article by a nicotine cessation educator about a study performed in 2002, the success rate isn’t very high. But this was almost 11 years ago. What I gathered from this article is that most people can’t simply choose something like Nicorette gum and use it by themselves with minimal instruction.

If you want to do this, have a friend or family member keep you accountable or join a group. You don’t have to be, and shouldn’t be, alone in this.

Despite the risks, I think that this can be a good idea for some people. And there are success stories provided on their website.

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