Healthy Breathing

Enjoy Life and Breathe Happy

Who of us have ever walked in a place that was filled with some type of odor (smoke, cooking, etc) and felt it was very hard to breathe or catch our breath? An ocean breeze, a spring day when the wind blows just slightly or walking outside on a sunny day is the best especially when doing so with family and friends. This is the feeling of healthy breathing that is there for everyone. If you choose not to smoke great for you! Imagine getting up each morning and breathing happy and healthy.

Just imagine taking a break at work to relax and not light up. Going outside and breathing healthy each day. Joining a family outing that includes food, iced drinks and snacks but no cigarettes. This is how to set a good example for those who look up to us. Give children, grandchildren and everyone the gift of breathing healthy every day of their lives without the smoking habit.

Consider how it feels when you have a cold that causes those nasty coughs. Imagine, again, how it would feel to wake each day doing just that–coughing, clearing your throat, etc. Now think of how you life could be living smoke free. Think of those who you love that smoke. Encourage them that each day can be without smoking. You can be the support that they have needed all along!

Healthy breathing from being a non smoker means all this and more–for yourself and those you have in your life whether family, friends, coworkers, etc. Lets all do our best to make sure we can breath health and happy each day. It is very well worth it and doesn’t cost anything. The same amount of time spent smoking is better spent living life with healthy lungs and clear breathing. Plus the money not spent on cigarettes can be used to see the next great movie by your favorite actor!

Healthy Breathing Everyone!

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