Music as Motivation for Losing Weight


Losing weight can be quite a challenge due to the lack of motivation. Overweight people try different techniques to succeed. They exercise in groups or on their own. You need self-motivation when working out by yourself. One of the best motivation methods is music. Read more

Choosing Which Fad Diet to Kick Off the Year


Putting a plan in place to lose weight is always a good New Year’s resolution. That is true of course unless you’ve made the same resolution year after year, and your weight is the same or even a bit more than it was this time last year.

Maybe you’ve tried a succession of fad diets, without success. More than a few fad diets will cause you to lose weight, often rapidly, but few if any of them prevent the pounds you lose from returning. Read more

Top 5 Essential Tips to Help You Lose Weight


If you are one of the many people who are striving to lose weight, you probably want effective results that last. While diet plans and fitness fads work, they are only effective up to some extent. For the most part, the results are temporary, because you only get to work on them for a while. Read more

A Tomato a Day Could Keep the Doctor Away


Despite the citizens of the United States of America having reached new levels of obesity in the past few years, an obsession with health has also come into prominence. Wherever we look, we’re confronted by advertisements for ‘detox juices’ and new diet crazes which promise to ‘reinvent’ your life. The current phase appears to be for gluten free diets and the usual crew: the Dukan diet, 5:2 diet and, of course, the infamous diet pills. However, it’s not just weight loss that we’re obsessed with; it’s the health benefits too. So, with celebrities and health guru’s alike raving about the new tomato pill, the main question is; does it actually work? Read more

How I lost 30 Pounds Without Excercise: There’s an App for That


Two years ago after I turned forty-five, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I knew I had to change my eating habits and drop some weight. I’m 5’7″ tall and weighed 195 Lbs. I have tried fad diets, and they just left me hungry or irritable. Stimulant drinks or diet pills caused my pulse to race well above 140 bpm. I drank a Rockstar energy drink on my way to work one morning and by noon I was in the ER, because my pulse spiked to 210 bpm. They had to perform a cardioversion, which means using medication to stop and restart my heart to a normal rhythm. Read more

Simple Tips for Weight Loss in 2014


Who doesn’t want to lose weight in 2014?  I am sure that most of us have that as our top resolution for the new year, whether it be 5 pounds or 50 pounds or more.  Of course we all want to lose fat, especially around our middle, but maintain muscle.  These are the tricks that have worked for me in the past.  I, like everyone else I know, tend to eat and drink many things I normally would not over the holiday season, and so when January hits find I need to lose a few pounds. Read more

8 Tips to Burn Your Belly Fat


The party season is over for another year, and burning your belly fat may be an impossible task. Like many of us, you may have tried stomach crunches sideways, backwards, and upside down, but to no avail. Perhaps you’ve danced around the living room, while copying Youtube videos. Tried the crazy diet that makes you cranky and tired? Read more

10 Ways to Keep Your Weight Down Over the Holidays


Mince meat or pecan Pies? Fruitcake? Eggnog? Candy Canes? Gingerbread? We all have our weaknesses over the holidays. It is a six-week gorge-fest that goes through holiday dinners, parties, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve celebrations. Before you know it you are filling out like Santa Claus.

Research suggests that if you are already packing some extra weight you are particularly at risk of weight gain during the holidays. And usually more than just a few pounds.

Here are some tips on how you can plan so you can both stay slim and not sacrifice any fun during the holidays. Read more