Music as Motivation for Losing Weight


Losing weight can be quite a challenge due to the lack of motivation. Overweight people try different techniques to succeed. They exercise in groups or on their own. You need self-motivation when working out by yourself. One of the best motivation methods is music. Many people enjoy music and feel good after hearing their favorite songs. You can easily get motivated by music, not only when cooking, working, hanging out with your friends, but during workouts as well.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle depends on exercise and diet. Various exercises burn calories and have a positive impact on cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Music can help you perform target exercises easier. It serves as a motivational tool. The studies have shown that music is connected to the nervous system. The beat of the music influences the brain and affects the mood. So, the effect the music causes is both physical and psychological. It can play a role in pain perception and slowing down or speeding up your heart rate. This combination will improve your mood when exercising. You can choose a faster beat during the exercise peak and a slower one for cooling down.

Choosing the right music

The type of music you will choose depends on the type of exercise you are about to do. So, planning is necessary as different exercises require different music. High energy music will be your choice for intense workouts and you will choose soothing music for low-impact exercises. Accordingly, you will choose the music that motivates you most at certain moments.

Music that arouses emotional response is the best music for you. You need to choose songs that will motivate you enough to complete the desired exercise and burn calories. Increasing the intensity of music during a workout is recommended.


Music can spot and reduce abdomen fat stores. Many people have abdominal fat as a result of stress, poor food choices and limited exercise. The reason stressed-out people gain most weight in their abdominal region is due to a hormone called cortisol, which is released by stress. This hormone is responsible for fat storage around the organs of our midsection. However, music can help us out with this because it can reduce cortisol levels and discourage fat storage from happening.

Studies have shown that music can release endorphins, “feel good” hormones which are released after excitement, dancing, prolonged exercise and laughter. These hormones also have an influence on reducing appetite and burning fat.

The lack of motivation and time makes the workout a luxury activity. But, a lot of activity is necessary for successful results in weight loss. That is why it is important to get motivated, whether by music or by some other source.




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