Choosing Which Fad Diet to Kick Off the Year


Putting a plan in place to lose weight is always a good New Year’s resolution. That is true of course unless you’ve made the same resolution year after year, and your weight is the same or even a bit more than it was this time last year.

Maybe you’ve tried a succession of fad diets, without success. More than a few fad diets will cause you to lose weight, often rapidly, but few if any of them prevent the pounds you lose from returning.

Don’t Set Up for Failure

By their very nature, fad diets are doomed to failure. They are almost always temporary diets, and they are often lacking in variety, and can quickly become boring. About the only type of fad diet that might be worth considering is one that relies on controlled portions of the healthy foods you enjoy. Worst of all, few if any of these diets have an exit plan. An exit plan is a plan you will need to follow if you want to keep the weight off. About the only fad diet that has a semblance of an exit plan would be the controlled portions type of plan, but it only works if you can make a habit of eating smaller portions. Liquid diets, and relying on diet pills and supplements are about the worst choices you can make, and designing a diet around a specific food item is not much better.

It’s All in Your Head

It could be that you only feel the need to lose weight temporarily so you can fit into something that haven’t been able to wear for a while, but want to wear it for an upcoming event. If you manage to lose enough weight to fit into the outfit, and then put the weight back on later, you might consider your diet to have been a success, but that is a poor example of success. In truth, the subject being addressed here is not dieting at all – it’s about mindset. Losing weight depends just as much on how you think as it does on how you eat. The secret is this: think healthy and eat healthy, and let the one reinforce the other.

This is Your Life

It’s time to get serious and realize the fact that being overweight isn’t attractive, and unhealthy as well. Your resolution should be one following a diet that works and has a good exit plan. What this entails involves forgetting all about dieting. It involves changes in your lifestyle, including changes in your eating habits. Make it a point to make logical, realistic choices in the food you eat, and eat in moderation. By choosing a healthy diet, you are following a plan that has not only has a built-in exit plan, but a plan you can comfortably follow forever.

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