8 Tips to Burn Your Belly Fat


The party season is over for another year, and burning your belly fat may be an impossible task. Like many of us, you may have tried stomach crunches sideways, backwards, and upside down, but to no avail. Perhaps you’ve danced around the living room, while copying Youtube videos. Tried the crazy diet that makes you cranky and tired?

Loosing belly fat in winter is challenging. The temperature is cold and when work ends it’s dark. In wintertime we are limited to the gym or something that has captured my attention recently, the home workout. Whether you choose to go to the gym, buy a training package, or mix and match some more of those Youtube videos, be sure to keep these tips in mind. ¨

Tip 1: Forget Stomach Crunches:

It’s logical to think that exercising the problem area will result in burning fat. If you’ve tried this method, which most of us have, you will realize what I’m talking about. The pain of crunches may make it appear you’re burning fat, but all you’re doing is tiring your abs. On the upside, if you are doing crunches excessively, your six-pack may just begin to exist underneath all of the fat.

Tip 2: Maximize Cardio Workouts:

When I hear the word cardio, running comes to mind. Recently, some respected fitness trainers have begun steer people away from running. My view is that running is the fastest way to burn belly fat. However, it must include a range of varied sessions, such as interval training to prove effective. When confined to the house, try workouts that get your cardiovascular system working for thirty to forty minutes, mixed with core training and resistance work.

 Tip 3: Train At Least Five Days a Week:

It’s possible to train five days a week, and recover at the weekend. If you’re hardcore, go for six days, and recover on Sunday. In the beginning, you may want to work towards this goal, or lower the intensity of your sessions.

Tip 4: Adjust Your Diet:

Eating all the wrong foods before and after you workout is self-defeating. A healthy, balanced approach to diet includes keeping an eye on your calorie intake, and that will often work best. Starving yourself is an extreme worth avoiding, since reports suggest it actually slows down your metabolism. Keep in mind, as a car needs fuel to run, and so does your body.

Tip 5: Enjoy Your Rest Day:

Remember you’ve earned it!! Kick back and relax. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Rewarding yourself is a healthy motivation that will help you to keep up your fitness program each week.

Tip 6: Change Up Your Workouts:

Most people find that their body adjusts to the exercise, and they stop loosing belly fat after a while. Challenging yourself each week will counteract this problem. Even changing just the order of your routine, shakes things up a little. Having a progressive training program will help. Lowering the intensity and duration of your session on occasion may be beneficial. Purchasing a fitness program may serve your needs, fitness magazines provide training programs in them. If you’re a runner, taking part in another sport like football or soccer will force you to activate new muscle groups.

 Tip 7: Don’t Over Reach Yourself:

Get to know your body. Monitor your training. Pushing your body past its limit will lead to injury. You’ll not loose any belly fat while laying in bed with pain shooting up your spine.

Tip 8: Team up With Someone:

The support of a friend or spouse will give you encouragement to keep going. If your spouse can’ (or shouldn’t) join you, talking about your session with your partner helps you to engage with your workouts. Perhaps they can’t do the workouts, but can join you in your new diet.

Shedding dreaded belly fat is an uphill struggle, but if you just stick with it, you will succeed.


*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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