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The Many Side Effects of Vaping and E-Cigarettes

It is undeniable how vaping has blown up ever since its ‘discovery’ and immediate commercial introduction in the early 2000s. Vaping, to anyone who is still not familiar with it (though I doubt that there are still many of you guys), is another way of ‘smoking’, where there is no involvement of tobacco burning (as well as its many unpleasant impacts on physical aesthetics, but also to its deadly effects on the respiratory system) as it utilizes vapors (thus coining the term vaping) made by the boiling of the food-grade liquid mixtures inside its evolved cigarette-like receptacle. Dubbed and aggressively marketed as the best and the only alternative to traditional rolled tobacco smoking (which has been proven time and time again to be bad and very harmful not only for the health of the smoker himself but also the health of everyone who is near), vaping has rapidly gained a massive following. This is a following that primarily wants to stop or minimize their dependence and addiction to nicotine, the main product of tobacco smoking. With all these generally positive effects vaping has to its name, could anything actually go wrong with shifting from traditional smoking to vaping? Yes, and it is definitely something you have to be acquainted with and aware of before you make the decision to shift.

As much as this can help many smokers to gradually ease off their nicotine addiction, it also presents some (and sometimes unexplained) side effects that should be made known to anyone and everyone thinking about switching to vaping. Many claims have been going around – on internet articles, on different social networking sites, on the many lips of smokers who are skeptical about the new technology – about the supposed side effects of puffing these vapors. Some say that even if it is considered as the healthier option, it presents its own hazards that are just as harmful as that of traditional smoking. This article will list and discuss the most common effects vaping and e-cigarette smoking can have on its users. Read on to be informed!

  1. Dryness in certain parts of the body

Vaping takes a toll on the on the moisture of different parts of the body, especially in the mouth area. Many users have spoken up about getting their lips chapped, total body moisture annihilation, and overall itchiness (caused by the skin dryness) – all of which are not, in any way, ideal when you’re trying out something new. This seemingly sounds and looks highly like the bad things traditional smoking does to its patrons, but upon closer inspection, it was only a deal of ingredient mixing and is nowhere near deadly (or irreversible). This is attributed to the ingredient of the juice that is being used in the e-cigarettes – propylene glycol. This compound is known for drawing water from its surrounding (in this case, is the skin that covers your body), and is responsible in drying the skin up. One thing that is good about having this problem is that it is easily solvable – you can lower the propylene glycol content of the e-liquid (the term given the liquid solution that is boiled to produce the vapor vapers puff) and your problem is practically gone. Very convenient, right?

  1. Headaches. Just headaches.

Some vaper stories say that vaping has brought them headaches, something that can definitely be irritating. This, however, seems to be a totally different problem altogether. Apparently, the headache is brought about by the nicotine content of the e-liquid being used by the vaper. High nicotine content (or too low if you’re weaning off) actually causes these headaches, and by just tweaking the levels of the nicotine in the said liquid, more than likely these headaches will go away.

  1. Can’t breathe with the smoke produced by traditionally rolled tobacco cigarettes? Yep, e-cigs bring that on too.

This is somehow a scarier threat – reports have been made of respiratory tract being restricted while puffing a vaping joint. This has headlined the whole internet (and everywhere, let’s be honest) as this was exposed in a scientific study. This has taken the name of vaping through the mud, as this side effect is really one to write home about, as this can actually kill you. However, upon closer analysis, the study is inconclusive as the researchers have failed to note the mixture of the e-liquid that has been given the subjects. In a normal setting, this can happen if the user is allergic to anything of the ingredients in the e-liquid. One of the most likely suspects of this is, again, propylene glycol. This compound triggers sensitivity in some users. Some advice – if you have some sensitivities to certain things, always make sure you read the ingredients list of everything you touch, eat, or breathe!

  1. Ever heard of the Vaper’s Tongue? It’s not good.

One of the scarier effects of vaping is the so-called vaper’s tongue. This name is not very promising, as it is coined specifically for vapers, the patrons of vaping. This ‘disease’, ‘reaction’, or anything you want to call it, is the loss of taste that the vapers experience basically because of the vaping compounds. Also called the vaper’s fatigue, it is caused by multiple things, like smoking the same flavor of vape for far too long, other infections such as dry mouth (yep, check the earlier items in this list), clogged nose, dehydration, and other illnesses that is totally independent of the vape elements. However, you can never be sure – so always be careful (change those flavors up) with you vaping traditions and practices!

  1. It is equally as addicting as traditional smoking.

Vaping has always, always been known as the alternative to traditional cigarette smoking, in order to get away from the addictive side of the said deed. However, vaping still can have nicotine, though now the amount present is user decided. This can be beneficial, as not everyone may want a high level of nicotine. Traditional cigarettes on the other hand don’t often offer the same option.

So, are you still up to the shift amidst all these possible setbacks? Everything is in your hands, and it is definitely your call, and your decision.

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  1. Vaping definitely has it’s flaws… As someone who vapes pretty often, the biggest problem i’ve had is vapers tongue. You’re indeed right, it’s not fun but it can be fixed too with some simple remedies.

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