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 Some of you have smoked for many years, are smoking several packs a day and it is not easy to just up and quit. Perhaps you have even agonized over how to do it. It's time but its so hard.

Have you thought about changing the way in which you get nicotine into your body? Maybe changing cigarettes to smokeless or chewing tobacco? In an article on ("Chewing Tobacco Not a Safe Alternative to Cigarettes")it stated that chewing tobacco has at least 30 cancer-causing chemicals in it and is just as dangerous as cigarettes.

On it explains that cigars have more cancer-causing nitrosamines. This only makes sense since toxins are produced at a higher level due in part to the slower smoking time. And this type of smoking causes oral cancer.

Electronic cigarettes are the newest on the market. They get nicotine to your blood and lungs without burning tobacco and adding all the harmful toxins that tobacco smoke adds to the air. It is just a better nicotine inhaler and may be a little better than the toxic tobacco smoke.

The truth is that there is no safe tobacco product.

Examine your need for a cigarette. You may say you enjoy it but the majority of you are using this addiction to stuff away feelings. Do you find yourself smoking during an emotional or stressful situation? Making smokingt helps you get through a rough day. But why? Think about the times during the day that you smoke. Kids are loud and not behaving, work is stressful, traffic makes you nervous, or relationship problems and the list goes on and on. Or perhaps its instead of doing something you know needs to get done. Are you suppressing your emotions by smoking? Smoking a cigarette instead of eating and using it to suppress hunger?

When you feel the need of a cigarette try asking yourself if you might be hungry, tired, lonely or even angry. What do I really need instead of a cigarette?

Do you think you are ready to pick a date and stop the smoking addiction that has plagued you? The best results come when you pick a date to start becoming smoke free. On that date you start using the nicotine replacement of your choice. Of course just trying to go from two packs a day to half of one in one day is ridiculous so going cold turkey onto the replacement seems the best way to go. And, remember, each time you do something else instead of smoking you are helping your self to quit.

Getting support from your doctor and family is very important in becoming smoke free. Your medical doctor can give you options and information on what nicotine replacement product might be best for you.

There are several Nicotine Replacement Therapy(or NRT) products on the market. Over the counter there are patches, gum and lozenges. There are sprays and inhalers by prescription. Two tablet prescription types are Chantix and Wellbutrin. Chantix is said to cause suicidal thoughts in some users and Wellbutrin also helps with depression.

Smoking is not an easy thing to stop. It may take you a while and even a few stops and starts. Be easy on yourself. Finding the reasons for smoking will help you become smoke free.

For more information visit the sites below:

NCI's Smoking Quitline at 1–877–448–7848

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