I had to quit smoking


In January of 2011, I had developed a heart condition known as atrial fibrillation.  As I prepared to go in for my first internal x-rays, I was so scared the results would reveal my 28 + years of smoking by way of charred lungs and blackened ventricles.  I decided on that day to quit smoking cold turkey.   In the past when I had tried to quit – I always seemed to convince myself the timing wasn’t quite right yet or I simply admitted to myself I wasn’t ready.  This time was different however.

I knew my only chance of getting my health back (and my life) was to quit.  I had reached the finally had smoking become an issue for me and my choice was simple…quit and have a chance to live or keep going and die.

I counted my blessings the night before I quit.  I have a wonderful wife (who was also a smoker) and two children who begged me to quit for years.  Perhaps like any addictive habit – I had to find and reach my personal rock bottom.  It happened in January 2011.

As I went through the paces of being a heart patient, the time slowly began to mount up between the day of my final puff of a ciggy.  The quitting part wasn’t as tough as I expected it to be.  Being a strong-willed person I firmly set my sights on a full recovery from the heart condition and wasn’t really focusing too much on the days that had passed since my last cig.


My doctors had scheduled to me to go in for a pace maker surgery in June of 2012.  I still had not smoked up until that time.  The psychological addiction had surpassed for me at that time.  My desire to smoke was completely gone.  I had my surgery and am now enjoying a normal life again but this time I am not only healthy – I am smoke free!

It is now January 2013 and it has been two years of being smoke free for me.  During this time I have encouraged friends and family members to quit.  Leaving the bad habit behind does not work as well for others as it did for myself.

My age is 50.  There is so much life ahead for me and my family and I want that life!  I know my reasons to live are directly in front of me and everyday I am thankful I quit smoking!  No more shelling out $5 for a pack and no more cringing when my cigarette stash is running low.  I am a free man now.

As a non-smoker I would do anything to help a smoker quit without being a nuisance!  I know for a fact that a smoker can not quit until they are truly ready.  But how to get to that ready moment?  That is the age old question.  I believe the answer lies within you and your own desire to quit.  I will encourage and coach anyone who will let me into their lives.  Believe me when I say it was well worth it.

I make this promise to any smoker that I will help you, encourage you, and see it through with you until you can achieve success in quitting smoking.

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