Quitting With E-Cigarettes


Smoking. The stigma, the smell, no one likes it. Let’s be honest, not even smokers enjoy that dirty burnt scent. Not enough Axe cologne could dent the ashy smell.

As a smoker of 4 years… Yeah I know, I hate it… But as a smoker, I have learned, that every cigarette packs an unreal amount of subconscious disappointment.

I smoked more to escape my problems. I guess I can say I thought a cigarette would aid my need for attention. I was and still am wrong. With this in mind, I came to the conclusion that a change was crucial.

There are an unnecessary amount of options when it comes to quitting cigarettes. I tried the whole “Cold Turkey” thing and realized for me, that is impossible. A friend and led me to the market of electric cigarettes. I’m here explain my experience.

Once I got into e-cigs, I really loved them. I wanted to get the best one. I learned about vaporizers. Specialized electric cigarettes, more of a cigar when it comes to shape. Yes they are definitely heavier but I’m talking a few more ounces. What a vaporizer does is utilize a method of battery charge to heat a metal piece to create the catalyst. A person puts “juice” into the vaporizer.

This juice is a fluid made up of vegetable glycerin (vegetable oil), propylene glycol (the throat sensation similar to a cigarette) and of course nicotine. The cool part about this is there is the ability to control what percent of nicotine you want. For example, some juices will have 4% while others can go up to 64%. But that’s not even the best part, there are thousands of different flavors you can get such as variety of soda, gummy bear, vanilla ice cream, etc.

After  almost 2 years, I’ve really felt more comfortable with myself. This isn’t a guaranteed cure, anyone interested should really read more into vaporizers.

It’s nice knowing I haven’t picked up a cigarette in over a year. The feeling of success should be felt by all smokers trying to quit. Here’s just my option. I hope it helps. I’m just regular guy that defeated the biggest problem a lot of us share.


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