Running Today Let´s Eat First.


When I talk about going on a run, food always comes to mind, not because I am longing something to eat, but because I always ask myself if I should eat before running and if so, what kind of food?

It does not matter if you are training for a big event or is just a daily run, your body has to have that fuel for an optimal performance, plus if you don’t eat you’ll feel dizzy and could also have headaches.

According to Pamela M. Nisevich, an expert in nutrition and consultant specialized in the areas of sports nutrition, it is always important to fuel your body with energy. After a big meal, she recommends to wait 3 to 4 hours before running to allow your body the time to fully digest said food. If you eat a small portion or snack allow 30 minutes to 1 hour. So, what to eat? Carbohydrate based food is necessary in our diet as this is digested and broken down into glucose (energy). You can find carbohydrates that are absorbed fast (high-GI) or slow (Low-GI) into our body to provide the energy that we need to complete our routine.

Nisevich says that when consuming Low-GI foods their energy is released more slowly into the blood stream and will provide you with long-term energy, which means more energy towards a better performance. Now that we know the type of food we need before running, let’s check this list of Low-GI food in order to improve your training and avoid dizziness and headaches. More information.

The expert recommends providing yourself with food that works best for you, don’t try to take new things before running or high food in high amounts because that might cause stomachache or make you feel “heavy”. During the 3 to 4 hours before the run also avoid spicy and fatty food, Alcohol, too much caffeine and very high in fiber foods. Follow this advice and you certainly notice how your body and mind will feel at the end of the work out.

We finally know what to eat before running so let’s take our gear, headphones and see you at the end of the track, and hey! Don’t forget your water.

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