Some Nasty Habits That Need To Go

Are you looking to get more from life? Are you wondering why you are still stuck in a rut in spite of having made major decisions in improving your lifestyle and well-being? Let’s look at some of the little, niggling habits in your life that might be hindering your goal towards good health to banish them for life. Read more

Kick Your Bad Habits

The other day, my peaceful moment of reading in a nearby park was greatly disturbed when one of the two passersby made a loud snorting noise and subsequently spitting out into the drain. “How Rude!” I thought to myself. The culprit was nonchalant and so was his friend. So, a thought popped up in my mind; “Why are they acting so normal for doing something as ill-mannered as snorting and spitting in public place? Read more

Break those Bad Office Habits

Bad habits at the office can have an adverse influence on one’s career. When these begin to affect quality of work, the repercussions are serious. Once a poor reputation is established for a person among bosses, the problem can stop a potentially blooming career in the tracks, or worse, reverse the climb up the ladder. If certain bad practices have become part of your work life, you are probably aware of their destructive effects on your career. But as with most people you probably just can’t get out of the rut. Read more


A little bit of compassion will go a long way. Just like the steps we all take to break our addictions, whatever they may be.  I am a super procrastinator and also a complainer. It does not matter what they are, because all bad habits hurt. That’s why they are called bad habits!

So this is how compassion can help: you can get through the ups and downs of life better. Read more