Some Nasty Habits That Need To Go


Are you looking to get more from life? Are you wondering why you are still stuck in a rut in spite of having made major decisions in improving your lifestyle and well-being? Let’s look at some of the little, niggling habits in your life that might be hindering your goal towards good health to banish them for life.

Sweet treats weighing you down?

One of the biggest culprits along with smoking and sun exposure that can severely damage healthy skin is sugar. Recent research indicates that one of the major causes of skin ageing among people is their propensity to indulge in sugary foods. Although you might be taking good care of your skin by investing in the latest skin care treatments, you are still causing damage to your body and skin by going overboard on sugary treats. Cut down on sugar to ensure that your skin stays youthful and you will be eliminating most lifestyle disorders in this manner.

Cut down the risk of dementia by conquering stress

It is a natural tendency to worry about major decisions in life, but by frequently sweating the small stuff and mulling on issues that are petty or inconsequential in nature, you are causing yourself more harm than good; now, is the time to take control of your mind. According to a study conducted by the Rush University Medical Centre in Chicago, experts discovered that individuals who are more prone to negative feelings such as anger and worry were at greater risk of dementia. Hence, it is important to overcome your constant worry by either facing your problems head-on or if you believe it has become a chronic issue, seek counselling or meditation techniques that can help in improving the quality of your physical health and also your mind.

Say no to alcohol and watch your finances grow

There are a number of health benefits on giving up alcohol, but becoming a teetotaller can not only be extremely advantageous for your overall well-being but also for your financial health. According to numerous studies conducted across the world, it has been estimated that the whopping costs of alcohol on peoples’ budgets and bank balances can actually drain their life savings away. Varied research indicates that the average American spends approximately $ 110 a month on liquor, while the average Australian spends over $ 1650 each year on alcohol and the average Brit spends approximately £ 59,000 on alcohol alone in the area of a lifespan! If you begin to imagine the things that you could have bought with the money you are spending on alcohol, you would realise that the thought in itself is the greatest motivator for you to quit drinking liquor now.

Saying no to junk food can actually make you happy

How many of us can imagine a life without greasy burgers, cheesy pizzas, sugary doughnuts, and melt in the mouth cakes? If your long-term objective is to stay healthy for life, an added motivational tip can actually bring you closer to your goal — saying no to junk food can make you more positive and happy. Although bingeing on your favourite treat may bring short-term happiness, recent research published in the Public Health Nutrition Journal indicates that individuals who constantly consume fast food are 55% more likely to develop depression in the long run. If you are looking to shake off the fast food blues, swap that burger for a healthy salad.

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