The Secret in Being a Healthy “Foodie”

There are several different types of eaters. Many are just normal eaters that like certain things and not others. Then there are the vegans and the vegetarians who are more dedicated and disciplined in their eating regimes. Many want to get away from hormones, chemicals, and animal testing. Others just want to get back to the earth and eat what the earth produces. But the foodie is so far to the other end of this spectrum, that it’s really interesting to experience their enthusiasm about food. The following are what I believe to be the four types of eaters within our culture. Read more

10 Ways to Keep Your Weight Down Over the Holidays

Mince meat or pecan Pies? Fruitcake? Eggnog? Candy Canes? Gingerbread? We all have our weaknesses over the holidays. It is a six-week gorge-fest that goes through holiday dinners, parties, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve celebrations. Before you know it you are filling out like Santa Claus.

Research suggests that if you are already packing some extra weight you are particularly at risk of weight gain during the holidays. And usually more than just a few pounds.

Here are some tips on how you can plan so you can both stay slim and not sacrifice any fun during the holidays. Read more

Anyone Up for a December Detox?

December is a far from traditional time for a detox or indeed starting any type of diet, but if you can eat well and drink little during a month known for its excesses you’ll be well on the way to a healthy new year. Of course you would need the resolve of reinforced steel to avoid a few treats and the occasional tipple for the whole of the month, but why not pledge to start off December by maintaining a few good habits? Here are a few tips: Read more

What You Should Know About the Effects of Caffeine

Mmm. That fresh smell of caffeine first thing in the morning. In this fast paced world we live in today caffeine has nearly become a necessity with the alertness and energy it provides. Coffee houses are popping up all over now days with the coffee latte and flavored coffees becoming so popular. Read more

10 Healthy Comfort Foods To Boost Your Mood!

Trying to quit can be pretty depressing and it’s tempting to reach for comfort food to try to lift your mood; then you pile weight on, feel even more miserable and reach for the fags to cheer yourself up. It’s a vicious circle. But did you know that there are foods which actually make you feel happier; without compromising your health? Read more

The Truth About Diets

Soon after World War II there was a new diet fad coming out every few months or so. Each one swore to be the one miraculous finding of the decade. People would try these for a few days or months but eventually the weight would come back. Read more

The Elderberry + Inflammation

A folk remedy for centuries it is now being researched and rediscovered. High in antioxidants this fruit has high medicinal value. Elderberries have a large amount of Vitamin C as well as amino acids, sugar, tannin rufin, vibumic acid, carotenoids, and Vitamins A and B. They are mildly laxative, diaphoretic and diuretic. The very powerful guercetin antioxidant is thought to account for the therapeutic qualities of the berry and that of the flower. There is also a flavonoid in this fruit called anthocyanins that protect cells against damage. Read more